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More than Half of Ghanaians paid bribe in 2021-GSS

More than half of Ghanaians  paid bribes in 2021. This is according to the Ghana Statistical service (GSS).

More than Half of Ghanaians paid bribe in 2021-GSS

This translates to about GHS5billion cedis lost to corruption alone. This figures comes from both the public sector and surprising the private sector as well.

The report which is titled  the  ‘2021 Ghana Integrity of Public Services Survey’  added that 26.7% public sector officials were engaged in bribery acts, whilst 9.1% were officials from the private sector.

The report was laid bare by the  Statistician, Professor Samuel Kobina Annim and further confirm what has come to be the accepted norm that corruption was prevalent within the Ghana Police Service.

Police service leads the chart in bribe takers

The Police service had 53.2% corrupt cases,and was swiftly followed by the Ghana Immigration Service and the Ghana Revenue Authority with 37.4% and 33.6% respectively.

However, a former police officer and member of Parliament, Peter Toobu has come to the defense of the police service.

Government owes buffer stock GHS340 million cedis, reason for food shortages in SHSs.

He is of the view that the corruption among the police service is citizen induced and cited examples to buttress his point.


By Robert

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