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Missing Maine family of three found in Mexico.

The article looks at how the  missing Maine family of three were found in Mexico. We will get to know them and the state in which they were found.

Meet the missing Maine family of three.

The family missing family were the Maine woman, her boy friend and their 2 year old daughter.

They went missing since June during a family trip.

The police Department in Sanford said they have spoken to the family of three who are  made up of  Nicholas Hansen 38, Jill Sidebotham 28, and Lydia Hansen2 through both phone and video chat.

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The three disappeared on 27th June when they set out for a what was meant to be a three day camping trip.

The police statement said:

“The Sanford Police Department can report that each party is unharmed and safe, and no evidence of Criminal behavior has been observed,” police said in a Facebook post. “We also had verification that they were safe from local law enforcement who met with them in person.”

Where were the Missing Maine family of three found?

The three were being searched for every where as the police indicated that investigators looked into several leads .
These efforts led to them being sighted on June 29 and July 2 “at a Walmart in Mexico, Maine, about 100 miles from Sidebotham’s home in Sanford”.
The Sanford police added that:

“Jill Sidebotham Nicholas Hansen and their 2-year-old daughter Lydia were last seen on July 2 at a Walmart store in the town of Mexico, Maine, about 180 miles north of Boston. On Friday, authorities said all three were found unharmed“.

The Maine Warden service is said to have led two aerial searches over Mexico and Rangele an effort to finding the family.

Though the boyfriend (Hansen) is said to have a history of abuse, her girlfriend(Sidebotham) the police added went voluntarily with him.

Missing Maine family of three found in Mexico.

The aerial images that were released by the police showed the three entering a store at the Coos Canyon Campground on June 29.

Another  screengrabs from surveillance video also showed both father and mother carrying Lydia.

Sidebotham’s family told the press in July that she went for the trip in what they called an “impromptu trip”.

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