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Mining Firm built new communities for settler in Talensi, as it begins massive operations.

A mining firm has built new communities in Talensi. The mining  firm,Shandong Gold Cardinal Namdini Mining Limited has successfully completed the settlement that will house the communities.

Mining firm build a mining plant in Talensi

The re-settlement the company say will pave a way for their large scale mining activity that they want to undertake.

The mining firm wants to build a mining plant in the Talensi district of the Upper East region.

The company say it has spent the last two years making preparations  and the necessary plans towards the launch of their huge mining activities on a concession that spans on a 60km square land.

This was revealed by the Community and social responsibility manager of the mining firm, Emmanuel Kofi Adusei. The revelation came when an entourage of the Upper East wing of the Ghana Journalist Association visited the Cardinal Namdini mining firm.

Mr Adusei added that Cardinal Namdini mining firm has earned an enviable record of being one of the top mining firms around the world and that safety is one of their trunk card and they promised to replicate same in the Talensi area.

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“Mining is quite a hazardous industry and so safety is our priority so far as our activities are concerned. For us at Cardinal Namdini Mining, safety is key to us [It is number one]. It is our desire and we work towards that to make sure that our employees and visitors are safe anytime they come to our mine.”

His assurance followed a request by the President of the Upper East chapter of the pen frantenity, Williams Jalula for the company to adhere to safety protocols.

Two communities to be re-settled.

Emmanuel Adusei further assured that several steps have been taken already to ensure their activities do not disrupt and pose threats to lives and livelihoods in the area.

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He said the two communities that are to be resettled are Accra and Biung and that Accra Settlers have been moved already. That of Biung , he added their community will be completed soon.

The newly constructed settlements comprise of detached houses, schools, health facilities, nurses and teachers quarters, bio-digester toilets, electricity, water systems, churches, mosques, football pitches, tarred roads amongst others.

“At the moment we are in the transitional stage moving into the construction phase. As part of the project, we had some communities that are so close to the project [that is] the Accra site and the Biung communities. So, the first thing that we needed to do was to resettle them to be able to have access to the space that we would like to build our mine on. We are also done with the two resettlement projects. Accra site have moved to their new homes. Biung is done, hoping that by this weekend they will also move to their new homes so that we start earthworks. We are going to build our offices, camp, accommodation and the plant itself. So, it will take us about two and half years to finish the construction. When we finish our plant, it will be one of the biggest capacities in the country.” he said.

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