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Minecraft YouTuber:Technoblade wish after his death.

Famous  American YouTuber Technoblade has passed on to eternity. He died from his battle with cancer. But he had a wish which he want his family to perform on his behalf.

Meet Technoblade, the American YouTuber?

Technoblade is his nickname, but his real name is Alexander and he was born on 1st June, 1999.  He is an American YouTuber and an internet sensation personality. The popular YouTuber is mostly known for minecraft videos and lives-streams which he always show on the YouTube Channel. The internet personality was also involved in the Dream SMP which is an invite-only survival multiplayer (SMP) Minecraft servercreated by Dreams YouTubers.

The famous YouTuber has an estimated 11 million subscribers on his main channel before his unfortunate demise.

The YouTuber whose personal life is not known much created the channel in October,2013. It was mainly on video game Minecraft and he mostly used the Minigame serve for most of his stuff. He even participated  in the Minecraft championship tournament with others and was cited by Michael Cale of the Dot Esport fame of being “one of the best Minecraft player in the content creation space, especially when it comes to PvP events”.

Technoblade wish that he wants his family to do on his behalf.

The famous personality died of sarcoma which he was diagnosed of in August, 2021. This even ,made his former colleague in Dream to donate money in cancer research after his diagnoses.

His wish is that proceeds from merchandising should go into charity in support of the disease he died from which is sarcoma.

By Robert

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