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Michael Blackson wants to be President, but who is he?

Michael Blackson wants to be the president of Ghana. But who at all is Michael Blackson? The article looks at the comedian who wants to join the tall list of people eyeing the Nana Addo seat.

Who is Michael Blackson?

It is not clear if his name Blackson is taken from his thick black skin colour. His real name is Jafari Ferguson  and he was born on November 28, 1972 in Nsaba, Ghana to Kwaku-Nsian Adom Bediako. His father is Ghanaian whiles his mother is a Liberian.

Blackson is a three state personality. He is an AmericanGhanaianLiberian actor and comedian based in the United States.

He lived in Liberia with his parents before moving to the United States at the age of 13 in the mid-1980s. His comedy career started after a co-worker of his suggested  the idea to him and in 2005 the comedian released a comedy sketch CD which he titled Modasucka which was translated as welcome to America. He also appeared on the 30 rock TV series which was presented by P.Diddys.

His commercial show came on the Chappelle’s show which is comedy central.

The comedian became a US citizen on 24th November,2021, three days after he proposed to his long time girl friend Rada Darling.

What are Michael Blackson’s contribution in Ghana for him to want to contest as president?

On 15th May, 2022 at about 10.34 pm, Blackson announced this on twitter.

“I’m going to clean up my act and run for president of Ghana in 4 yrs. No joke I’m too passionate about my people. Who will vote for me? Let me know now so I won’t waste my time.”

To prove his seriousness for the job of being a President and to convince the populace to vote for him, Blackson is putting up a school in Ghana.

He has posted pictures of education in Ghana and is promising to change that.

“Only thing that matters to me are the kids. Education can help them understand everything so I’m building them a school in my village. By the grace of God they will be in class next year.”

The Comedian is heard in  clip reassuring kids that a school would be built very soon. “Next September you’ll have a school, OK?” he told them. “You’re standing in your classroom right now. School is coming very soon, OK? Uncle promise you. School is on its way.”

Blackson also has his eyes on the film industry in Ghana.  He is quoted to have described the industry as terrible. “The production looked terrible and i’m like we need a better television. I think that has got better you know, like i’m ok where the entertainers at,”he added on the issue.

He spoke to GTV recently where he indicated that he understands the job of a president and is ready for it.



By Robert

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