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Mercedes-Benz internships for 2023

Mercedes-Benz has over the years given chance for students all over the world to have a first experience in the world of work.They say at “Mercedes-Benz you can collect initial practical experience and work on tasks independently from the very beginning”.

We all know that it is not just enough for one to just want to sit in university lectures,but that you have to dive directly into the waters, which is the field of work and that is  what Mercedes-Benz internships offers you.

They don’t just offer exciting internships,but the support the students under their care to take their initial steps toward their career.

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They give you the chance to work with a global group. They also give you an advisor who will support and work with you and will be ready to answer the many questions on your mind.

So why wait, apply for a Mercedes-Benz Internship now.

What are the criteria for applying for a Mercedes-Benz Internship?

If you are among the following, then you are qualify to apply.

One is that you must be available between one to six months. Two is that you might have received the study regulations for the desire course. This is in the case of those seeking introductory or basic internship.

If You have a valid enrolment certification especially for those seeking an internship during your studies, then you can also apply.

For those studying within the standard study period with an additional maximum of three semester’s leave. This is for those in a voluntary internship which is not mandatory according to the study regulations.

If you have completed your studies for example  and have the intention of pursuing a master programme, but wants to use the time in between for internship, then you can apply too.

Those individuals according to Mercedes-Benz should apply for the general internship vacancies.

Other Worthy information about Mercedes-Benz Internships.

It must be noted that the vacancies for Internships are always advertise six months before they are due. This is to make room for their applicants to plan.

It is worthy to note that remuneration for internships one gets depends on the type of Internship you are on. The other factor  that determines the remunerations you receive is the regulation in the respective country.

Even if you do not find a suitable position to apply for in their online applications, you can contact their responsible person for the location you wish to do the internship with.

When Did Mercedes-Benz internship opened and when will it be closed.

The Mercedes-Benz Internships were opened on 12th March and is still ongoing. The closing date is not yet known. If you want to apply, then this is the right time.

Which country can I undertake my Mercedes-Benz Internships?

The Internships are not limited to Germany alone. The Mercedes-Benz Internships can be done at the following places apart from Germany.

You can undertake your Mercedes-Benz Internships at the following regions.

Europe, Africa, North and Central American , South America, Asia and Australia and the Pacific.

What are the benefits of Mercedes-Benz Internships.

One of the things that makes Mercedes-Benz Internships good is the ability to get an accommodation.The company say those who do their internships in the Stuttgart area  and this (excludes Sindelfingen) can have the chance of securing a room in their dormitory.
They say your advisor can organize a room in the Mercedes-Benz Group dormitory if only it is not full.
Even this, you have a role to play in that you will have to share the costs yourself.
You also benefit from the service of an advisor. You are given an advisor during your stay with them. It is not always easy to be in a new environment and your advisor will attend to most of the teething questions you may be having.
They say you may be remunerated, but this depends on two factors as indicated earlier.



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