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Meet Victoria Moreno:The aunt who pushed Navy Pier 3 year old into Lake Michigan in Chicago leading to his death.

The article looks at Victoria Moreno, the aunt who pushed the Navy Pier 3 year old nephew into lake Michigan.

We will examined her mental status and the motive behind her action.

Who is Victoria Moreno?

He is a 34 year old woman.

She is said to have pushed the 3 year old boy who is her nephew into the lake.

She watched till no one was coming and then she pushed the innocent boy into the lake.

Victoria watched for the boy to sink to the bottom of the lake without doing  any thing to help.

The 3 year old was identified as Josiah Brown.

The boy according to the medical examiner from Cook County died shortly after 10am on Sunday morning.

Victoria Moreno is said to have whisked the boy from his grandmother house which is located in Des Plaines.

This was after the boy(Josiah Brown) biological mother dropped him at the grandmother’s place.

Victoria then sent the boy to Navy Pier Lake on Lake Michigan on Monday afternoon.

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The boy is said to have vomited twice before being helped by witnesses.

She was exposed by surveillance footage which captured the moment she pushed the toddler into the lake.

Meet Victoria Moreno:The aunt who pushed Navy Pier 3 year old into Lake Michigan in Chicago leading to his death.

Victoria Moreno pretended not knowing the boy after she was confronted.

The 34 year old pretended that she did not know Josiah Brown whom she had taken from his grandmother’s place.

She later claimed the boy was acting up and fell into the lake. This was when she let go of the boy’s  shirt.

The Chicago Fire Department (CFD) officials located the boy at the bottom of the lake after he was dropped from the   6.5 feet.

Josiah Brown was then  rushed to Lurie Children’s Hospital.

He had been in critical condition at the facility for all week.

The little boy suffered from “swollen brain, seizures and bleeding in his lungs” according to prosecutors.

His heart was also depressed which needed a heart infusion.Three year old Brown has since died.

Victoria Moreno had been charged with attempted murder, but that may change following the boy’s death.

Many think Victoria may be suffering from a mental condition. It has not been confirmed if this is the case.

By Robert

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