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Meet Thomas Cashman and Paul Russell: The 2 men charged for Olivia Pratt-Korbel murder.

Thomas Cashman will be our focus. We will also look at Paul Russell and the role he played in Olvia Pratt-Korbel murder.

Who is Thomas Cashman?

He is a 34 year old man.

He is from Grenadier Drive, West Derby area.

He is being charge for the murder of Olivia Pratt -Korbel who was killed in his home.

Meet Thomas Cashman and Paul Russell: The 2 men charged for Olivia Pratt-Korbel murder.

He is said to have used a Glock-type self-loading 9mm pistol and a .38 revolver  in the fatal shot that shook the nation.

Thomas Cashman is also charged for the attempted murder of Olivia Pratt-Korbel’s mother in Liverpool.

Thomas Cashman is said to have chased one Joseph Nee into Olivia Pratt-Korbel’s home when her mother accidentally opened their door to see what noise was being made there.

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Thomas who had chased Joseph Nee, followed into the house and open fire on any one he spotted in the home.

The gun hit Olivia’s mother who fell, exposing Olivia who was standing behind her.

Thomas Cashman is  said to have shot  nine-year-old Olivia in the chest.

It was reported that the attack on Nee was a tit for tat gangs battle.

Who is Paul Russell?

He is 40 year old man also from nowberry Road, West Derby.

He is said to live closed to where little Olivia Pratt-Korbel was killed.

He has been charged for assisting Cashman during the attack in late Olivia’s home.

Paul Russell and Thomas Cashman are expected in court on Monday.

Their charges according to the Chief Crown prosecutor ,Maria Corr was arrived at after the  “the review of a file of evidence”.

11 people had earlier been arrested without charge, after Thomas Cashman shooting.

Until the arrest the announcement today, 11 men have been arrested after the gruesome murder.

Both suspects are due to appear at Liverpool magistrates court on Monday.

DCI Mark Kameen who spoke during the press conference to announced the charges leveled against the two, urge people to come forward and “speak to us”. He continued:

 “Our work continues in earnest. At the beginning of the investigation we were firm in our commitment to finding all of those involved in this case, which includes the people who have tried to shield and protect individuals, and those who have supplied the weapon or are hiding the weapons used in this incident.

“We have had an overwhelming response and support from the public since the tragic murder of Olivia and I would ask for your continued support so we can keep the promise we made to Olivia’s family and the local community to ensure that those involved face justice”.

He also asked for CCTV, dashcam or smart doorbell footage on the incident should be brought forward to the force to help them prosecute the case.

The police had indicated that “Officers have spent 15,000 hours on the case, examining about 2,000 exhibits and thousands of hours of CCTV”.



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