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Meet the woman who killed the Kim Kardashian lookalike:Christina Ashten Gourkani

We will look at the woman who killed the Kim Kardashian lookalike:Christina Ashten Gourkani.

Who is the woman who killed Kim Kardashian lookalike?

Meet the woman who killed the Kim Kardashian lookalike:Christina Ashten Gourkani:Vivian Alexandra Gomez, .

Christina Ashten Gourkani died a couple of weeks ago.

She died from cardiac arrest at a hospital in California. It has now been revealed that she was killed. Yes, someone killed her.

Christina Ashten Gourkani is said to have been killed by Vivian Alexandra Gomez.

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Who was Christina Ashten Gourkani?The Kim Kardashian lookalike and OnlyFans model who died of cardiac arrest after plastic surgery

Alexandra Gomez is a 50 year old woman.

How did Vivian Alexandra killed Christina Ashten Gourkani ?

The 50 year old killed the Kim Kardashian lookalike by backroom butt-lift.

The Kim Kardashian lookalike reportedly hired the suspect, Gomez to further increase her butts which were already ballooned.

Gourkani desire for demanding that service was for her to look exactly like that of Kim.

Vivian Gomez then gave her “several injections” to increase her butts.

Investigators said the suspect gave her client what is believed to be silicone. It was this treatment that did not go well leading to the death of the Kim lookalike.

What charges have been proffered against Gomez?

She was arrested on 20th April at Fort Lauderdale airport.

This was hours after her client died.

She is now been charged with “involuntary manslaughter and practicing medicine without a license, both felonies”.

Gomez is being held in her home awaiting extradition to Burlingame in California.

Dr Michael Obeng who is Board-certified plastic surgeon  said an illicit ops pose  like this is of a “a huge danger.”

He added that:

“Most of these illegal injections are made with silicone, and silicone or any foreign substance can migrate within the body, which can lead to infection and hardness over time, deforming parts of the body,” Obeng told the mag.

“And as with any injection, it can go into your bloodstream … And if it gets in the bloodstream, it can block the blood vessels and cause necrosis.”

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