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Melanie Hawkes
We will meet the woman in a wheelchair who hired a male escort to help her lose her virginity after 43 years.
The woman, Melanie Hawkes is said to have suffered from “transverse myelitis“. This is “an inflammation of the spinal cord”.
This confined her to a wheelchair all her life.
Not many men will go for a lady like that and this forced the Australia woman to stay single and virgin too.
Being tired of her single and virgin life , Hawkes went looking for love, but not like the way many do.
Melanie Hawkes
She settled for a male escort and that was how it all happened.
She was afraid of how a romantic encounter will be, given her condition. She was however encouraged by her caregiver and she went online and met this guy.
She had hired him for a two hour shift in a day and that was how she was able to lose her virginity in the process.
She said her escort was respectful and accepted her for whom she was.
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She added that the encounter has boosted her confidence and even made her happy in life.
Her escort whose name was only given as Chayse is said to have helped Hawkes to “gain a new perspective and boosted her confidence”.
She shared her story online and also added that she is currently browsing more dating apps in her quest to find the love of her life.
Chayse services is said to have costed the 43 year old , $265 per hour .

Melanie Hawkes

The reason she shared her story is to let the world know about sexual empowerment for people with disabilities.

By Robert

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