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suspect in the kidnapping of the 4 Americans is Jose Guadalupe N.

The suspect in the kidnapping of the 4 Americans will be discussed. We will tell you  where the 4 Americans were discovered as well as where the suspect was arrested.

Who is Jose Guadalupe N? One of the suspects in the kidnapping of the 4 Americans in Mexico.

He is the only suspect in the famous abduction and kidnapping of the 4 Americans in broad daylight.

The name of the suspect is given as Jose Guadalupe N. He is a 24 year old man.

Jose Guadalupe is a Mexican citizen.

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Who are Shaeed Woodard and Zindell Brown? 2 of the 4 Americans who died after their kidnapping in Mexico

It has not been revealed if the 24 year old was a member of the Gulf Cartel, the gang responsible for the kidnapping of the Americans.

He was guarding the house where the Americans were being held. It is high probable that the suspect will be a mere security guard hire by the gangs for this assignment.

The gangs will probably know that the American security services will be on the look out for their own. They will not risk leaving behind one of their own after discovery that their victims are not the people they though they were.

Not much is known of the suspect except that of his name and his nationality.

Where were McGee and Eric James and their two deceased colleagues discovered?

The four Americans who were seen being loaded into the bucket of a truck were taken to Ejido Tecolote.

It is a rural area which is located in the Mexican city of Matamoros in Tamaulipas.

They were kept in a wooden shack which is pictured below.

This information was revealed by Irving Barrios, a chief prosecutor.

They discovered that Shaeed Woodward and Zindell Brown were killed.

The 4 Americans were said to have been tortured too.

Jose Guadalupe N., 24, was guarding the house where cartel members held captive and tortured the four Americans.

Is Eric James Williams injury life threatening?

Eric James  Williams who is one of the survivors  was said to have been shot in the leg.

He along with McGee were taken under security escort to Valley Regional Medical Center in Brownsville for medical treatment.

The Tamaulipas Governor Américo Villarreal said James Williams injury was not a life threatening.

A Red Cross worker closes the door of an ambulance carrying two Americans found alive after their abduction in Mexico.

The four Americans who had entered Mexico were caught in a gunfire. They were said to have been caught in a shootout which is said to between two rival cartel gangs.

They were then forced into a truck with their bodies being dragged along the pavement.

The FBI $50,000.00 bounty on the assailants still stands. Anyone who gives vital information leading to the arrest of the assailants will be heavily rewarded.

A member of the Mexican security forces stands next to a white minivan with North Carolina plates and several bullet holes at the crime scene where gunmen kidnapped four U.S. citizens who crossed into Mexico from Texas.


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