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Meet the mother of Anthony Rumble Johnson kids.

We will look at the mother of Anthony Rumble Johnson kids. We will look at her relationship with the “Rumble” and the abuse she suffered with him.

Who was Anthony Rumble Johnson?

Anthony Johnson the fighter was born as Anthony Kewoa Johnson.

The American was a martial artist(mixed) who was born on 6th March,1984.

The Mixed Martial Artist who was born in Dublin in Georgia was adopted by his grandparents.

Not much is known of his parents and Johnson presented his grandmother on mother’s day for praise.

Anthony Johnson a.k.a Rumble had his education at West Laurens High school.

His College was at Lassen College which is California, specifically at Susanville.

He went to college on a wrestling scholarship and seem to pursue that career after school.

He pursued wrestling and went on to become a wrestling champion as a Junior Wrestling National Champion.

After college, Johnson had brief stinks as bouncer, before pursuing martial arts at 20years, after a friend’s advice.

Anthony Johnson(fighter) record as a martial artist.

His successful career as a martial artist was at UFC. His known fight outside the UFC is a single fight with the MMA(belator).

His power and ability to punched out his opponents in most often in a single punch, earned him the nickname, the Rumble.

Johnson the Rumble fought under the light heavy weight division and his last fight was against Jose Augusto.

It was a fight which happened after his  retirement in 2017. The 2021 bout, saw Johnson won the fight by a knockout.

He had an incredible record at UFC. He was as high as being ranked as number one in the UFC rankings under the light heavy weight division.

The “Rumble” was  ranked at the second spot in the world by both Sherdog and ESPN.

Meet the mother of Anthony Rumble Johnson kids.

Anthony Rumble Johnson was never known to be married. One unique thing about him was the bad press he received for his abuses of women.

He had relationships and what was common about those relationships was the abuse that was associated with them.

In one of such relationship, he had two kids with one of such women. That relationship might have lasted for a while.

The relationship finally ended in a similar fashion.

We will look at the mother of Anthony Rumble Johnson kids.

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Not much is known of the name of the mother of Anthony Rumble Johnson kids.

What is known of her is the case she filed with the police over her abuse.

Johnson’s abuse against the mother of his kids happened in 2014 in Arkansas. The police report on the case had it that “the name of the alleged victim has been redacted at her request”.

The unnamed lady spoke about how Anthony Johnson came to her work place and abused her.

She described her abuse as Johnson grabbing her shirt, behind her neck, lifted her from her chair on the full glare of her co-workers.

The victim continued that Johnson grabbed her right arm and pulled it forcefully to himself.

He also abused her verbally too. The report from the police confirms bruises which she suffered under Johnson’s hands.

The said bruises were visible around her arm as well as her collarbone.

The police further narrated how the mother of Anthony Rumble Johnson kids was crying and shaking while giving her side of her story.

She also added that Johnson hit her on the face which forced two of her teeth out, two years before that assault at her work place.

Read the full report of the case as submitted by the police. Remember that “redacted” refers to the mother of Anthony Rumble Johnson kids.

This report was sourced from Bloody Elbow

On 09/05/14 I met with the complainant, *redacted*, at the DBPD in reference to a domestic dispute. *Redacted* advised that she is frightened by the father of their children,Anthony Johnson.

*Redacted* stated that two years ago Johnson hit her in the face and knocked out two of her teeth. Since that incident she has had several other verbal altercations with Johnson. *redacted* has only reported one of the incidents to the police.

Most recently, Johnson went to *redacted*’s house and tok their dog on 08/24/14. *Redacted* also advised that she keeps receiving calls and text messages from an unknown male subject threatening her. *Redacted* stated that it’s not Johnson but thinks it’s his friends.

I advised *redacted* to go to the Courthouse and obtain a no contact order against Johnson.

I provided *redacted* with a domestic violence brochure.




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