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Meet the farmer who said he pulled Lynn Egar out of the flames.

We will focus on the farmer who has come out to say he was the one who pulled Lynn Egar out of the car in the Westmeath Car fire murder.

The local farmer said he came across the blazing car.

He narrates how he pulled the mother of Michael and Thelma out of the flames.

The siblings aged two and five died when the car that they were traveling caught fire. Gardai investigation has now been revealed that the car was set on fire deliberately.

The farmer said he witnessed the fire and spoke to the Irish mirror about the incident.

The man is a local to the area where the incident happened.

He asked that his name should not not be disclosed.

The unnamed farmer said he came across Lynn Egar and his children’s car on fire on the Coole Road which is outside of Multyfarnham on  that fateful Friday afternoon.

He said:

“I saw the car was on fire. You could see the smoke from way down the road. I brought the mother to the side of the road and back from the flames.

“I did what anybody would do. I helped as best I could at the scene and I waited with her until the ambulance came,” he said.

The farmer told this paper that Ms Egar was able to speak at the scene – as he said what he witnessed, no-one should ever have to witness.

“It’s not something you would ever want to see again,” he added.

He further added that he had to stay with Lynn Egar and  her son Michael till the emergency serviced arrived.

Her daughter Thelma who could not escape the fire was pronounced dead at the fire scene.

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You will recall that Lynn Egar was airlifted  while her son Mikey was  taken by ambulance to regional Hospital Mullingar.

He was pronounced dead later at the hospital.

Meet the farmer who said he pulled Lynn Egar out of the flames.

Reposition and funeral of the late Westmeath Car fire victims.

The family have announced the funeral details of the two siblings.

Their bodies will be repose in a funeral home on wednesday from 4.00pm to 8.00pm.

The funeral mass which has been dubbed mass of angels will be on Thursday at 11.00am and will be followed sharply by the burial.

Lynn Egar is said to be receiving treatment at the hospital. It is not clear if she will be around for the reposition and funeral mass of her children.

Ms Egar was in a relationship with partner Michael Dennany. Michael is the father of the children  Thelma and Mikey.

The pair lived in Rathowen which is 10km from Multyfarnham. The two kids were attending primary school.

A local priest of the local church spoke about how difficult it has been for people in the area.

Fr Conor McGee who organized, attended the scene and said prayers after the incident had this to say.

“I was there. There were prayers said and blessings given.

“It’s difficult for everybody.

“This has affected the whole community, especially with the teachers and parents of the children that are in the schools and in playschool as well.

“It’s like everything, these things just, even what happened in Tallaght, it shocks everybody and affects everybody.

“It’s the same here, this has touched so many people. It’s going to take a while for the community and the family to come to terms with all of that,” he said.

“I think of the poor woman now and what awaits her. There’s no words.”

By Robert

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