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We will look at the Box-wearing thief who drops disguise long enough to reveal face. The thief who hatched a plan to hide his identity from CCTV footage let his guard at a time it mattered and may have to face a heavy price for that mistake.

The thief who has not been named yet entered a Florida store in a clever fashion  to steal phones, yes I mean phones. However in the course of the theft the clever thief( who wore a cardboard box over his head) as we chose to call him  removed the ill fitted or for want a better word an ad-hoc mask removed the box in order to get a better view of the items he was grabbing.

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The man who was  caught on surveillance video removed his ad-hoc mask long enough for his disguise to be dropped, according to a report.

The owner of the store which is located in  in Miami Gardens shared the footage with , shared footage wit NBC 6 .

The suspect did the bizarre break-in carried out around 4 a.m. Saturday.

The suspect did smashed a glass display before “swiping phones while sporting the box in an apparent attempt to conceal his face”.

box-wearing thief

The Store owner  who is in the person of Jeremias Berganza  reportedly told NBC 6 that the suspect stole 19 iPhones and $8,000 in cash.

The store owner made inquiries especially around places where cell phone repair business is located.

He also and as others to let him know if they saw the suspect.

The suspect was found at a plaza where cell phones repairs were made and was seen drinking with buddies at a nearby liquor store. Police were alerted  and he was  arrested by the Miami Gardens police later that day.

By Robert

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