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Superstar Billy Graham 2 children will be discussed in this post. We will look at Capella Graham and Joey Graham.

Who was wrestler Billy Graham?

The  famousr wrestler who stood at 6feet and 4 inches, Superstar Billy Graham was an American wrestler.

Billy trainer who led him to fame was Stu Hart. Billy Graham rose to become the WWWF champion. He was a champion between 1977 and 1978.

He was also a world champion in other professional wrestling promotions.

Aside wrestling, Billy was a bodybuilder. He won awards from bodybuilding too.

He retired from wrestling back in 1988.

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Billy Graham was indicted into the WWE hall of Fame in 2004.

Who are Superstar Billy Graham 2 children?

The superstar Billy Graham did not share children with his wife Valerie Coleman. He however had children  from previous relationships.

Billy Graham had two children with his marriage with Madelyn Miluso.

He had a daughter by name Capella Graham. She was born on 8th June,1972.

Capella Graham is said to have been given the name Capella from a star her father read “Atlas of the Universe”.

His son who is his second child was born on 18th March,1975. His name is Joey Graham.

Joey Graham was  born with a “double pneumonia and an enlarged heart”.

Joey condition was corrected through a surgical operation.

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