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Meet Steve Baker:The MP who faced off with Krishnan Guru-Murthy on channel 4.

Steve Baker, the North Ireland MP will be discussed in this article. We will look at why he is the MP on the Unsuitable Facet of Krishman Guru-Murthy.

Who is Steve Baker?

Steve Baker,who was born on 6th June, 1971 as Steven John Baker is a British politician.

He is currently serving as the Minister of State for Northern Ireland.

The MP was a former Royal Air Force engineer bank worker as well as a consultant.

Baker once worked as the chair of the European Research Group and is a proud Conservative party member.

He has been an MP since 2010 for the Wycombe in Buckinghamshire.

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Baker is a co-founder of The Cobden Centre and sits as its advisory board. He is also noted  for forming and chairing the Economic, Money and Banking group know as the All Party Parliamentary group.

He is married to Beth formerly called Julia Elizabeth. She is a former RAF officer  and Baker met her during his first tour at a RAF Leeming.

Steve Baker faced off with Krishnan Guru-Murthy on channel 4, which resulted in the former apologizing.

It started as a normal interview between host and panel.

The discussion centered on the recent turmoil in the Conservative party. However the interview did not end as it was supposed to.

It ended earlier than expected. Behind the scenes, the two still engaged in a heated exchanges with Guru-Murthy  using the words “What a cunt”.

A video of their exchanges went viral, which led Channel 4 suspending  Krishnan Guru-Murthy and indicating that the use of those words on the Mp was inappropriate.

Their statement read:

“Channel 4 has a strong code of behaviour for all of its staff, including programming teams and on-air presenters, and any violations are taken seriously.”

“Channel 4 News anchor Krishnan Guru-Murthy has been suspended for a week following an off-air altercation,” they continued.

This swift response from the media house and its associated spread on the internet forced the anchor to come with an apology.

He wrote in a twitter post: “After a robust interview with Steve Baker MP I used a very offensive word in an unguarded moment off air. While it was not broadcast that word in any context is beneath the standards I set myself and I apologise unreservedly. I have reached out to Steve Baker to say sorry.”

The MP quickly responded to the under-fire journalist, indicating that he has taken the apology in good faith.



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