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Meet Richard Williams:One of Myra Gale Brown husbands, Jerry Lewis ex-wife

Richard Williams, who is one of the husbands of Jerry Lewis ex- wife Myra Gale Brown will be discussed.

We will look at Myra Lewis Williams formerly of Myra Gale Brown.

Who is Myra Gale Brown?

She is the cousin removed and former wife of late popular singer and pianist Jerry Lee Lewis.

Myra Gale Brown later turned Myra Lewis Williams was born on 11th July, 1944.

She is an American author and is famed with her botched marriage with Jerry Lewis.

She got married to Lewis at the age of 13 and the musician lied that she was 15.

It was later discovered that Myra was 13 and that the pair had been married for 5 months.

Lewis was still marriage to another woman by name Mitcham.

The discovery of the lie that Lewis gave affected his rock and roll music at the time.

Lewis had to leave the marriage, divorced from Mitcham and later got married  Myra Gale Brown again.

They had two children together. Steve Allen Lewis  who was born in 1959 and died in 1962 was their first child.

Their second child is Phoebe Allen Lewis who too was born in 1963.

Myra Brown marriage with Lewis ended in 1970. She cited abuse and infidelity on the part of the singer.

This was when the singer entered into drinking and drug use.

Myra later got married to Pete Malito. Pete was a detective she allegedly hired to monitor Lewis on his extra marital affairs.

Her marriage with Pete also lasted for just a year.

Who is Richard Williams?

He is the third and current husband of ex-wife of singer Jerry Lewis.

Richard Williams got married Myra Lewis Williams in 1984.

Myra lives in Duluth in Georgia with her current husband, Richard.

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Not much is known of Richard Williams like what he does for a living among others.

Myra is now a licensed broker and recipient of Life time award which she got in 2003.

She is a famed member of the Century 21 office.

Her latest public interview is with Ethan Coen. She featured in a film which is in the form of a documentary titled: Jerry Lee Lewis: Trouble in Mind.

You can read more about the documentary through this link.

Myra Lewis Williams(Myra Gale Brown) other husbands.

The author and now licensed broker is in her third marriage.

Her first marriage was with late singer Jerry Lee Lewis.

He divorced Lewis in 1970 citing abuse and infidelity. She had hired a detective to catalogue the numerous extra marital affairs that he was engage in.

She got married to Detective Pete Malito after her divorce with Lewis.

That marriage did not last long. It lasted for just a year and half.

She has now found love in Richard Williams and we hope, he will be her last husband.

Myra Gale Lewis Brown Children

Myra had two kids with Lewis. She shared two kids with Jerry Lewis. They included Steve Allen Lewis and Phoebe Allen Lewis.

Myra had to work as a receptionist to take care of her daughter Phoebe after her divorce from Lewis.

Phoebe also later became his fathers manager and used to live with him.

It is not clear if Myra had children with both Pete and Richard. It is likely that she did not have children with her second and third husbands. There are no record of her children after Phoebe and her late brother.

Myra is the mother of Phoebe and is now called Myra Lewis Williams. It is not clear why she is still tied to the name of Lewis.

The popularity of Jerry Lewis cannot be overemphasized and the author is still tied to it.


By Robert

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