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Rhys Byrne

Rhys Byrne will be discussed in this post. We will tell you why the soldier who has been fighting in Ukraine wants to come home.

Who is Rhys Byrne?

He is a 28 year old Irish soldier  who has been fighting in Ukraine. He is from Santry, Dublin

He has been in Ukraine for 17 months now, but wants to come home.

The 28 year old said “enough is enough” and that he wants to return home.

Rhys Byrne narrates a nearly death experience on 21st June which led to his change of mind to return home.

What was that encounter that made Rhys Byrne to nearly lose his life?

Byrne said he was traveling on a front-line in the troubled Dombas region. He was in a group from a 59th Brigade and their mission was to clear out trenches of the Russians.

The group which were made up of Americans, Danish and Ukrainians were on their way to a “drop-off point ahead of a planned attack”.

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Rhys Byrne narrated how they sited a enemy’s position.He added that  they suddenly saw a T72 tank from a wooded area which opened fire on them.

He said:

“We raid Russian trench lines and take out all the Russians and hold the trench until the support can arrive and we get out,” Rhys said.
“It’s a case of hitting them with overwhelming firepower.

“It’s a pretty intimidating job, yeah, for sure but it’s a hell of a lot more intimidating for the Russian b******s to see us coming.
“It’s scary but I can guarantee you they are a lot more afraid than we are.”

Rhys Byrne
Image From IrishMirror

He said he and his team managed to escape the assault.He said the war is which is making both sides to live in fear. He said they live each day with a fear of being killed, but added that the Russians are more afraid than them.

He said this experience and many more is what made him had a change of mind and wants to come home.

He said:

“I am finished with Ukraine.”

“My family know I’m gonna head home. I’m getting out of here, because enough is enough.”


Rhys Byrne
Image from Irish Mirror
Rhys Byrne.


By Robert

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