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Ralph Yarl

 We will look at Ralph Yarl, the black teen who got shot in the head for simply ringing the wrong bell in his quest to pick up his siblings in Kansas City.

Who was Ralph Yarl?

He is a 16 year old black teen from Kansas city.

Ralph Yarl was scheduled to pick up his siblings at 10:30 pm on “N.E. 115th Terrace” in a home in Kansas city.

However Ralph Yarl made a mistake and went to N.E. 115th Street instead.

It is this mistake of this teenager which got him being shot in the head when he ranged the bell in this home.

The teenager suffered injuries that has been described as life-threatening.

This was disclosed by Kansas police as seen in this video below. The teen is now recovering from hospital where he was rushed  after the shooting.

Who is the house owner shot Ralph Yarl?

The unnamed house owner who shot Ralph  Yarl was said to have been taken to custody. He was however released after only 24 hours.

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Stacey Graves, who is the Kansa City Police Chief said the county’ prosecutor is said to take over the case.

She said:“We recognize the frustration this can cause with the entire criminal justice process,” adding that:

“As soon as the case is complete, it will be presented to the Clay County prosecutors for their review.”

Ralph Yarl suffered life-threatening injuries and is recovering at a hospital.

The shooting of Ralph Yarl has been said to be that of “mistaken identity”.

Yarl intended to go a house which is a block away.

Mayor Quinton Lucas indicated that the case was getting “the full attention of the Kansas City Police Department.”

Ralph Yarl


The Mayor added that: “This is not something that has been dismissed, marginalized or diminished in any way.”

Many are calling for the home owner to be charged. One of such persons is Civil rights attorney Ben Crump.

He added that:“You can’t just shoot people without having justification when somebody comes knocking on your door and knocking on your door is not justification.”

By Robert

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