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Meet Peter Tobin: The serial killer who broke his hip and is refusing food and medication.

The article looks at Peter Tobin. We will look into the life of the man feared for his killings. We will also tell you why he is refusing food and medications.

Who is Peter Tobin?

Peter Britton Tobin is a Scottish convicted serial killer.

He was born on 27th August,1946in Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Scotland.

He is serving a life order at the HM prison in Edinburgh.

He was jailed for three murders which occurred between 1991 to 2006 and many others which police believed he was responsible for.

Meet Peter Tobin: The serial killer who broke his hip and is refusing food and medication.

Most of his victims were women and young girls. He had past convictions for rape and he served 10 years for those convictions.

He has now been  sentenced to life after he was found to have killed and buried two teenagers in his  then home at Margaret ,Kent.

He also raped and murdered one Angelina Kluk in 2006 at Glasgow.

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Peter Tobin was also was charged and convicted for the murder of Vicky Hamilton in 2008 and this led to his minimum sentence moved from the 21 to 30 years.

He also had a hand in the murder of Dinah McNicol which now made him given the whole life order.

This happened in December,2009.

Peter Tobin refusing food and medication after breaking his wrist.

The 76 year old had cancer. He was unfortunate to have  another burden added to his failing health.

He is said to have fallen and broke his hip.

The serial killer is now refusing food and medications.

Aside those listed above as being murdered by Tobin, there are many others young women, who are believed to have been murdered Peter Tobin.

One of such individuals was Louise Kay  who reportedly disappeared from Eastbourne in 1988.

Her family believed she became Tobin’s victim and wants him to confess before he dies.

Her sister by name Nicola Stork said: “I don’t want Tobin to die because it means we might never know but I’ve got no sympathy if he’s in pain.

“If he dies without giving us information about Louise, then it probably means we’ll never know what happened to her or where she is.

“I hope he will confess something or the police can go and speak to him to get it out of him.”

Vicky Hamilton
Vicky Hamilton: One of Tobin’s victim.  Image credit: Irish mirror.

Peter Tobin is said to be “frail, weak and at death’s door”.

A source told the Irish mirror that “That’s been said about him before but he seems to hang on.

“To the unsuspecting eye, he’s just a sick old man in hospital but the killer’s face is still there.”

By Robert

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