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Meet Patty and Wayne Judge: Aaron Judge adopted parents.

Patty and Wayne Judge will be our focus. We will look at Aaron Judge parents. Who are they and why did they adopt him will be discussed.

Meet Aaron Judge

Aaron James Judge who stands  at 6 feet 7 inches  and weighs 128kg is an American professional baseball outfielder.

He is the All MLB first team player for the 2021 season.

He ply his career with the New York Yankees  in the major league baseball.

He was born on 26th April,1992  and was adopted on the day of his delivery by Patty and Wayne Judge.

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He is a biracial  and only got to know he was adopted around age 10 or 11.

He  attended Linden High school and was  3 sport fellow. He played as pitcher,first baseman as well as wide receiver for the school football team.

He was voted  for and he won the number  two American League Most Valuable Player Ward in 2017.

This follows his selection as AL Rookies of the year in 2017.

His college baseball was at the Fresno State Bulldogs. This endeared him to the Yankees and they selected him as a 32nd pick in the 2013MLB draft in the first round.

He went straight into action after his 2016 debut, where he hit a home run in his career at MLB at bat.

He had a good season that year described as record breaking.

Aaron Judge won  Home run Derby in 2017 after he was named as an All Star.

This made Judge the first MLB rookies to achieve that feat.

He also ended the season with 52 home runs which made him surpass the record of Mark McGwire’s rookies record which was 49 home runs.

He 52 home run record lasted two years till it was broken by Peter Alonso who had 53 in 2019.

The player made an outstanding record of 61 home runs on 28th September,2022.

He made him tie the record of Roger Maris which the latter set in 2021.

Meet Patty and Wayne Judge

They are the adopted parents of the famous Yankees player Aaron Judge.

Aaron Judge was adopted the very day he was born. His parents Patty and Wayne Judge are both teachers in Linden in California.

It was when Aaron was 10 or 11 that he got to know that his parents were actually adopted ones.

He is quoted to have said “I knew I didn’t look like them.”  It is not clear why the two adopted him so early.

Aaron Judge is said to have an elder brother who is also adopted.

He attended Linden High school and was sports star. He is consider to be a biracial(people with more than one race or ethnicity).

He was great fan of San Francisco Giants fan while he was growing.

His days in high school saw him set record for having 17 touchdowns and also led his team to an 18.2 points per game.

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