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Meet Nikki Butler: Cormac and Hunter Roth mother. Tim Roth's wife

Nikki Butler, who is the only known wife of famous actor Tim Roth will be discussed.

Who is Tim Roth?

Born on 14th MAy,1961  in Dulwich, Roth parents were ordinary people.

His parents had love for painting and did painting aside their main jobs of teaching and journalism respectively.

His  father Ernie is was journalist while his mother Ann was a teacher.

61 year old Timothy Simon Roth  is a British actor.

He was born on 14th May,1961 and is regarded as one of the biggest British names when  it comes to acting.

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Tim Roth’s first role in telivision was in the 1982 Made in Britain.

He was also nominated to the BAFTA awards for being the most Promising Newcomer. This was in recognition of his role in the 1984 movie titled the The Hit.

His name continue to soar for his roles in movies such as the Vincent &Theo, The Cook, the Thief among others.

Tim is an active supporter of politics. He is an active supporter of the Green party in his native country of Engalnd.

He also supported Bernie Sanders during his bid to be president, in the 2016 USA presidential elections.

Who is Nikki Butler?

She is the wife of British actor Tim Roth. She is said to be an experienced fashion designer.

She got married to Tim in 1993 and has still remained his only wife.

It is not clear what Nikki Butler is doing to keep her marriage with the  celebrated actor that safe.

Unlike most celebrities marriages, Tim seem to have a stable marriage with Butler.

Nikki Butler shared two sons with Tim.

They are Hunter and Cormac Roth.

Cormac Roth who just passed away at 25 was a musician. He was also a guitarist and a composer.

Not much is not of Cormac brother,Hunter.


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