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Muhammed Arslan victim

We will tell you how Muhammad Arslan is in the grips of the police for not only killing his girlfriend, but disposing her body in a suitcase.

Muhammad Arslan is a 27 year old man who fell in love with a student girlfriend back in 2022.

His obsession for his girlfriend, it has been reported is what drove him to commit the murder in the first place.

He is said to have grown up with his victim in their native Pakistan and seem obsessed with her.

He allegedly followed her to the UK five months prior to murdering her. This was when her late girlfriend moved to the UK to undertake her studies in business management in November 2021.

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The victim allegedly went to the suspect’s home to pick her stuff on 11July,2022, but could not leave the home of the suspect.

The suspect admitted to the charged of manslaughter,but rather denied that of murder.

The day after the murder, the suspect left his home in a suitcase which he was dragging . This suitcase reportedly contained the body of the victim who happened to be his former girlfriend.

Muhammad Arslan  is then reported to have done the following.

“He got a lift from a taxi driver who lived in his house and travelled to an industrial estate by the M25 near Upminster, near a business where he was employed as a warehouse worker.

“He got out of the taxi and dragged his suitcase to the side of a lane where he hid it in some undergrowth.

“He left the suitcase concealed there in the days that followed.”

The death of the victim was raised after her father became alarmed over her inability to return home after 3 days.

Police serviced found her body in a suitcase on July 17 in a remote area of Upminster.

“On examination, the pathologist found that a facemask had been pushed inside her mouth. It was found there balled up”, Mr Patterson continued.

“The face mask that was forced into her mouth had stopped her from breathing”.

Who was Muhammad Arslan victim?

She was  Hina Bashir,a 21 year old student of Coventry University’s London campus.

The court heard the defendant had grown up with Hina in Pakistan and become "obsessed" her

By Robert

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