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Meet Michael and Thelma: Lynn Egar children that she lost in the car fire incident.

The article looks at Michael and Thelma, Lynn Egar two children that she unfortunately lost in that car fire incident.

Who is Lynn Egar?

She is the woman at the center of the Westmeath car fire incident.

Lynn is a former resident of  Carlow, Longford and Mullingar.

She is reported to have moved into “a two-story house in a rural cul-de-sac outside the village of Rathowen in recent years”.

Their home has been sealed off by Gardai as they investigate the issue.

She lost her two kids in the incident.

The woman who survived the accident is said to be under heavy sedation and may not be able to be interviewed for many days to come.

The two children were aged two and five years respectively.

The two kids who perished in the fire incident are named to be Thelma and Michael.

The incident happened near the Multyfarnham ,Co Westmeath.

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Lynn Egar is said to still be in the hospital, when she was airlifted and taken to the hospital from the scene.

Investigators working on the case are said to be treating the fatal fire as suspicious.

Meet Michael and Thelma: Lynn Egar children that she lost in the car fire incident.

Lynn Egar was said to have been  pulled out from the vehicle along with her two-year-old son Michael.

They were pulled out by a truck driver at around 4.00pm  outside Multyfarnham.

Reports had it that the driver could not get to 5year old Thelma before being  “overwhelmed and beaten back by the flames”.

Sources say the driver came and met Lynn Egar car burning on the centre of L1852  which is “a bog road that runs between Coole and Multyfarnham”.

Michael was pronounced dead at the hospital while Thelma died in the fire.

Thelma who was a senior infant student of St. Cremin’s National school was removed later in the evening.

She was removed by Hearse which according to sources described the scene as “harrowing and heart-breaking.”

Meet Michael and Thelma: Lynn Egar children that she lost in the car fire incident.

A visit to the Lynn’s home showed a  toy tractor and scooter lying in their garden. These are what the pair used to  play with before their sudden departure.

Late Michael and Thelma had older siblings. Their older siblings are from another relationship.

Thelma’s and her brother siblings attend Wilson’s Hospital School in Multyfarnham.

The  heartbroken father of Michael and Thelma was described by sources yesterday as ‘utterly devastated.’

He is being cared by relatives as he is yet to come to terms with his great loss.

This is according to source within the family.



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