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Meet Margaret Cash McDonagh six children.

The article looks at Margaret Cash McDonagh children. She lost three of her kids tragically on Saturday. How many children does she have at all?

Meet Margaret Cash McDonagh six children.

Margaret Cash McDonagh has six children. The 4o year old mother is said to be in a state of denial over the loss of her children. She is said to have kept saying “please bring my kids back”.

We will take a look at each of Margaret Cash McDonagh six children.

Margaret Cash McDonagh first child.

Her first child is a female. Her name is not immediately available to us.

She is said to be based outside of the country. She is based in Australia.

Her Godfather is Ned Collins. He is the husband to one of Margaret Cash McDonagh cousins.

She is the daughter she shares with first husband Andy Cash.

Margaret Cash McDonagh second child.

Her second child is suspected killer Andy Cash.

He is the 24 year old who was named after his  late father.

Lisa Cash brother who survived the attack by jumping via a window has fractured his leg.

He is said to have stabbed three of his siblings to death. He threw the bodies of two of them downstairs for reasons not immediately known.

The motive for Andy Cash:Margaret Cash second born to kill his siblings is not yet known.

The police had to use a taster on him,before arresting him, as he refused to cooperate with the them.

Margaret Cash McDonagh third child

Her third child is Lisa Cash. The 18 year old also died along with her siblings as the became victims to the Andy Cash’s excessive desire to kill.

She was a former student of  St Aidan’s Community School.

She  has been described as being  “quiet, beautiful young girl, very diligent, hard-working. Got on with her work. Was a great support to her friends in times of trouble”.

This description is attributable to her former school Principal,Mr Shortall.

Lisa Cash was said to have been babysitting at the time, as her mother was not around during the time of the attack.

Margaret Cash McDonagh fourth child

Her fourth child is the 14 year old unnamed boy who survived the attack.

The 14 old jumped through the window of their upstairs home. He is reported to have fractured his leg in the process, but have been discharged from the hospital.

It was him who alerted neighbours of the bloodbath that happened in their home.

Margaret Cash McDonagh fifth and sixth children.

Her fifth and sixth are twins. They are eight years old. They were the target of their elder brother Andy Cash. They were killed and thrown down through the window their 14 year old brother escaped.

They are Chelsea and Christy Cawley. They are the children Margaret  Cash shared with her partner Bill Cawley.


By Robert

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