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Meet Margaret Aycox and Gary Aycox: Nicki Aycox parents.

The articles the lives of Margaret Aycox and Gary Aycox, Nicki Aycox parents. We will look at her parents and how the actress gave up the battle on leukemia.

Who are Margaret Aycox and Gary Aycox?

The names of Nicki Aycox parents are her mother Margaret Aycox and father Gary Aycox.

The celebrated actress whose career into the world of celebrities started with playing piano.

It was the supports of her parents. Margaret Aycox and Gary Aycox might have seen her potentials and bought the piano for her.

So, we can conclude that Margaret Aycox and Gary Aycox contributed to the success career of Nicki Aycox, though short.

There is no other information about Nicki Aycox parents. We don’t know if they are still alive or dead.

Who was Nicki Aycox?Margaret Aycox and Gary Aycox daughter.

Nicki Aycox was born on 26th May,1975 as Nicki Lynn Aycox.

She described her self on her Istagram page as someone who is a “nature lover” and “vegan chef.”

She was an American who had a dual career of being an actress and a musician.

She was famed for her role in the famous Supernatural Jeepers Creepers2, X-Files: I want to Believe as well as , Perfect Stranger.

Nicki Aycox had her debut release  in music which she titled the Red Velvet room back in 2015.

It was an EP with 5 amazing songs  which were originally crafted by her.

The late actress  who was born in Hennessey in Oklahoma was from the an American ancestry.

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Her path to music started as a child when she played Piano and used to sing during beauty pageants events.

Her role as Minxie Hayes was in the movie Jeepers Creepers 2 after another in the first edition of the same movie in 2001.

Nicki Aycox also had a role in the movie Criminal minds where she starred as Amber Canardo.

Aycox  also had other roles in movies like the following: Meg Masters, Jor Ride 2: Dead Ahead(2008) Dark Blue among others.

Nicki Aycox was married to Matt Raab and he survived her. Her husband was by her side, at the time she died.




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