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Meet Lucky Barquez:The Irish Lidl worker who was left paralysed after horror cycling accident.

Lucky Barquez will be our focus. We will examine the life of the man who was lucky to have survived in an accident, he himself though he would have died.

Who is Lucky Barquez?

He is a 23 year old Irish Lidl worker.

He is also a semi- professional cyclist.

He originated from the Phlippines but is living in Dublin.

He came to live in Dublin when he was only four years.

He crashed while he was competing in a mountain bike event in the Carrick mountain in Wicklow.

The crash left him paralyzed from his neck down.

Who is the young who died in the M7 Kildare crash?

He said he could not recollect what actually happened.

Lucky Barquez added that he only remember riding, but woke up  in St. Vincent’s Hospital which is located at South Dublin.

Lucky Barquez walked for the first time

The 23 year old who was told he was paralyzed from the neck down felt some sensation  along his body.

He took his first step on Thursday 22nd September,2022.

His friends  and the community bike riders and fans are rallying support for him in the recovery process.

Lucky  Barquez who spoke to the Irish Mirror from hi sick bed  said he has “no plan B, only a plan A and that is to walk again for my friends who have helped me”.

He  further added “I am overwhelmed by the support I have received from my friends.

“I can’t tell you what it means to me. When I crashed and woke up I thought I’m alone in the world, I am just a night shift worker in Lidl.

“I worried about my job in Thomas Street Lidl, my apartment and I also worried about my bike. I asked if my bike was OK.

“I have no blood relatives in Ireland, my parents moved back to the Philippines when I did my Leaving Cert and my older sister and brother are also there with their families.

“I have one sister who moved to Texas a month ago. I literally have no family here so I thought I am finished, it’s over for me. Who is going to help? How will I do this?

“Then I asked about my apartment, I share a room in a house and I thought I’m going to lose that, look at the housing crisis. Then I worried about my job.

“I worried for my family, I only told them what happened one week after the accident.

“But I can’t tell you what my Lidl friends have done for me, in Thomas Street, Aungier Street – all over Dublin they are helping.

“I checked my phone and I couldn’t believe the messages and support I am getting.

“It is ironic that I am called Lucky, but to be honest I am Lucky with the people around me”.

He said his mountain bike is more than any thing else in life and he likes competing with it.

Lucky Barquez added that he is a night shift worker and had most hours of the day to spend at the Ticanok mountain in Wicklow.

He said: “You can hike it or bike it and I go all the way up it every morning before work. I work at night so it is a great way to start the day. It is a spectacular view of Dublin. Dublin is my home.

“I always say I was born twice, once in the Philippines and then in Ireland.

“I do the night shift and start at 2 or 3pm in the afternoon. In the morning I go for a cycle. Unless you are a cyclist you won’t understand the passion people have for it or that I have for it.”

Luck further added that he may spend months at the health facility and  that  “I feel guilty having such a big team around me helping me.

“But I am so grateful. I know though that the prognosis is good but it will take a long time.

“I want to get going. It is such a weird sensation. You close your eyes and you think you are moving your arms, then you open them and it’s only a small movement. It is a very weird sensation.

“But the physio has told me the sensation is coming back again and that it will be a long recovery. I will eventually go to the National Rehabilitation Centre.

“I just want to thank so many people, the support I got is unreal.”


By Robert

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