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Meet Louise Fletcher siblings: Dr. John C,Roberta Ray of Gloucester,Georgianna Fletcher.

The article focuses on Louise Fletcher siblings. We will look at her three siblings.

Who was Louise Fletcher?

Estelle Louise Fletcher is a famous American actress.

She is famed for portraying as Nurse Ratcher  in the popular 1975 movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

She was born on 22nd July,1934  to Estelle and Reverend Robert Capers Fletcher.

Louise Fletcher parents were both deaf and are reported to have worked with the deaf and hard of hearing.

Louise Fletcher was the fourth child of her parents and her father is said to have opened over 40 churches.

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Fletcher won an academy award  as well a Golden Globe Award for her role in the one Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest  movie.

The actress is also popular for starring as a Bajoran Religious Leader(Kai Winn Adami) in the famous television series Star Trek:Deep Space Nine.

She was nominated for two Emmy Awards in recognition of her role in the 1999 television  series Cruel Intentions.

Louise Fletcher’s career began Fletcher began in 1958/9 when she  appeared in several television series including Lawman and Maverick .

Her last role was in 2017 and it was with the Netflix series Girlboss.

Meet Louise Fletcher siblings:, Dr. John C,Roberta Ray of Gloucester,Georgianna Fletcher.

The famous celebrity was the second of four children.

Her siblings are brother Dr. John Caldwell, sisters Roberta Ray Gloucester and Gerorgina Fletcher of Alexandria.

All four had the chance of living with their aunt who talk them how to speak since their parents were deaf.

It is not clear which of them is still alive.

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