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Lisa Cash brother who survived the attack by jumping via a window has fractured his leg.

The article looks at Lisa Cash’s father.  We will delved deeper and look at why, late Lisa Cash had two fathers.

Who was Lisa Cash?

Lisa Cash was an 18 year old young lady.

She was at home with her three siblings on that faithful day.

Her brother was attacking her younger  twin siblings and Lisa intervened and the killer turned on her.

She was  a former student of St Aidan’s Community School.

The principal of her formal school,Mr Shortall described Lisa Cash as follows.

“She was a quiet, beautiful young girl, very diligent, hard-working. Got on with her work. Was a great support to her friends in times of trouble, I heard that from a number of people yesterday.

Who is Margaret Cash McDonagh? Lisa and Andrew Cash mother.

“I believe she was babysitting at the time, and that would have been something that she was just so good at. She was the kind of person you could trust. That’s the person Lisa was.”

“She is remembered as one of the most honest, genuine young people, full of integrity and no fuss, no drama around her. Got about her business and was hugely, highly regarded and very warmly remembered by so many staff members here in the school.

“I couldn’t get over the things that people were saying about her. Just a lovely, lovely person, hugely highly regarded and will be terribly, badly missed. And a lovely big sister to her brothers and sisters as well.”

Meet Lisa Cash fathers: Andy Cash and Bill Cawley.

Lisa Cash had no father. Her father is late. Lisa Cash and Andrew Cash both shared the same father.

The name of Lisa and Andrew Cash father is Andy Cash. Andrew Cash was named after his father.

When their father died, their mother Margaret  Cash McDonagh fell in love with Bill Cawley.

It is with Bill Cawley that she gave birth to her twins. It is not clear if Bill Cawley is her husband or a partner.

Bill Cawley is Lisa and Andrew Cash step father.

It is not clear whose side their 14 year brother belongs.

By Robert

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