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We will tell you why Leighton Amies was unmasked by a judge though he is a minor. We will tell you about the victim which Leighton Amies killed and bragged about.

Who is Leighton Amies?

Leighton Amies

He is a 15 year old boy. He has done what a teenager should not do and even went ahead to brag about it.

15 year old Leighton Amies bragged that: “I’ve wetted your boy”  after stabbing a fellow 14 year old last October.

The facts of the case is that Leighton Amies was walking with his girlfriend through the “Whitehills Nature Park”.

He said a group of youth followed them. He later said the boys beat him to the ground. However that claim has been disputed as it has been revealed that it is only his thumb that had a minor cut.

Leighton Amies is said to have used a knife he took with him “to slash his victim, who was unknown to him”.

He said he took the knife for “reassurance”.

The worst part is that  Amies is said to have yelled “I’ve wetted your boy” which is  slang translated to mean Stab.

This was when he stabbed his victim in the chest.

Amies however argued that he “had slashed at another youth’s coat and said he didn’t know he had stabbed his victim in the attack”.

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However the prosecutors would not take this as they said: “He wanted them to know he had stabbed one of their number”.

The prosecutors added that:”It was a boast.”

Why did the judge lift the reporting restriction on Leighton Amies?

After examining the case, the jurors saw that the 15 year old was lying. He was convicted for the murder of the 14 year old victim.

It was at this point that the judge lifted the restriction of reporting on him and made his identity to be revealed.

A friend whom Leighton texted him about stabbing his victim said Amies was: “bouncing all over… he seemed happy that he had done it… he looked like himself… it didn’t faze him at all”.

Who was Leighton Amies victim?

Leighton Amies victim

He is a 14 year old boy by name Tomasz Oleszak . He suffered an “8cm-deep wound to his chest” in that horrific attack that took place the nature park in Gateshead.

By Robert

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