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Kimbrady Carriker

We will look at Kimbrady Carriker. We will tell you why the black lives matter supporter opened fire that got five people killed in Philadelphia.

Who is Kimbrady Carriker?

Kimbrady Carriker

He is a 40 year old popular figure. He is known as being a supporter of the Black Lives matter campaign.

He has also gained notoriety for wearing women clothes. The suspect is known to wear women clothes like bra,earrings and women tops as seen in the picture below.

Kimbrady Carriker,

Kimbrady Carriker is reported to have posted “gun-toting memes” on his social media handles.

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Reuters report say the suspect described himself as a computer engineer.

He is said to be someone who have interest in guns.

How did Kimbrady Carriker went about killing his victims?

He went out with his weapon in a bulletproof vest. He allegedly shot five people dead and injured two others who were children.

He was arrested in the city’s Kingsessing neighborhood after the bloody shootings.

The Philadelphia Inquirer said the suspect was nabbed on Monday night.

Kimbrady Carriker weapons included a “rifle, pistol, extra magazines, a police scanner and bullet proof vest”.
The suspect killed 4 people on the street and chased and killed one more in a home.

He allegedly also injured a 2 year old boy whom he shot four times in the leg.

His other victim is a 13 year old boy who suffered a gunshot wound to his leg  from the suspect.

The suspect shot officers who were chasing him before surrendering later on.

Kimbrady Carriker: Philadelphia's Crime Scene Unit look for evidence including three bullets scattered along the sidewalk in Philadelphia, on Tuesday, July 4, 2023.
Carriker posted a video of a burning Philadelphia police car to Facebook in 2020
Kimbrady Carriker
Kimbrady Carriker bullet

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