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Jada Rashawn Pointer

The article examines  the life of Jada Rashawn Pointer, who is the daughter of Anita Pointer.

Who was Jada Rashawn Pointer?

She is the famed daughter of famous singer  and song writer, Anita Pointer.

Jada Rashawn Pointer was born on 9th April,1966. Anita Shared Jada Rashawn Pointer

with her husband, David Harper.

She got married to Jada Rashawu Pointer father in 1965. They divorced in 1966, the year, Jada was born.

Jada Rashawn Pointer brought luck to the Pointer Sister. Their song “Jada” was a popular  song. The “Jada” song was written by the group and released in 1973.

She died  in 2003 at the age of 37. She is said to have died from pancreatic cancer.

Who was Anita Pointer? Jada Rashawu Pointer.

Jada’s mother, Anita Pointer born as Anita Marie Pointer. She was an American singer as well song writer.

Anita Pointer was born on 23rd, 1948 and is famed for being a founding member of the famous Pointer sisters.

Anita Pointers parents are Sarah Elizabeth and Reverend Elton Pointer.
Her parents are natives of Arkansas and her parents  made yearly journey to Arkansas so that they can visit her grand parents.
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The Pointer sisters were made up of her self and two of her younger sisters Bonnie and June.
Anita Pointer and her Pointer sisters became popular with their “Yes We Can Can”  song. It went as high as number 11 on the famous Billboard Hot 100.
The Pointer Sisters made history, being the first black female group to have  at the Grand Ole Opry.
The group became even popular with their “Fairytale” song. It was a huge success especially on the Country music chart.
The Fairytale helped the Pointer sisters to win their Grammy Award. It was an award for Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group.
They were also nominated for the Grammy in 1975 for Best Country song of the year.

Who is David Harper? Anita Pointer husband.

He is one of Anita Pointer husbands. David Harper got married to Anita when she was only 17 years old.

They got married in 1965.

Anita and her husband, David Harper had a child together. The name of their daughter is Jada Rashawu Pointer.

David Harper and her ex-wife ended their marriage in 1966. It was a just a year old marriage when they called it quits.

It has been reported  that, the Pointers  song “Jada” was inspired by Anita’s daughter.


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