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Jacqueline Gold 2 ex-husbands

Jacqueline Gold 2 ex-husbands will be discussed in this post. We will look at their marriage and why the two marriages could not stand.

Who was Jacqueline Gold?

She was born on 16th July,1960 as Jacqueline Summers Gold.

She was a British business tycoon. Gold was the executive Chair of the Gold Group International.

She is said to the 16th Richest woman in Great Britain. She came from a business background as her father used to run a publishing business.

It was her father who introduced sex Magazines to the British high streets in those days.

Gold was born out of mistake as her father badly wanted a son. Her dad is said to have wept when he realised her wife had given birth to a baby girl.

Jacquline Gold grew up in royality as she and her sister grew up in a large storey property which boasted of garden and a swimming pool.

Who are Jacqueline Gold 2 ex-husbands?

Her first husband was Ann Summer. That marriage did not last long as it failed in 2002.

Ann Summers is a famous British businessman who owns a large multinational company. His company is into retail. They are into sex toys and lingerie. His company have branches in the UK, Ireland as well as the Channel Islands.

Her second partner is Dan Cunningham. He is a money broker. Though she was younger than him by 17 years, the relationships went on.

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That relationship started in 2002 and by 2006, it has ended.

It was a bad New Year day for the pair as it was the day they separated in 2006.

It did not work after the pair had three attempts at mending their relationships.


By Robert

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