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Gared Canales

Gared Canales will be discussed in this post. We will tell you how he encouraged his own daughter to kill herself.

Who is Gared Canales?

He is a 33 year old man from Florida. He is also the father of a 13 year old daughter.

He has been arrested and charged with felony charges.

His 13 year old daughter got pregnant and this did not sit well with the 33 year old dad.

He is said to have told his daughter that she is worthless.

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Gared Wayne Canales even told her daughter to “go kill yourself.”

He also used words like “whore” to refer to the 13 year old.

Who is Gared Canales daughter?

The 13 year old is reported to have actually tried committing suicide.

Her attempt to commit suicide came two days after her father asked to go kill herself.

The unnamed teenager had called her dad and kept the phone on loudspeaker in the presence of her friends.

Gared  Canales allegedly called her a “b—-, slut whore” and told her to go “f— yourself.”

The teenager was trying to explain her point when the 33 year old dad cut in and said:

“You’re not worth it. I choose my girlfriend over you anyway, and go kill yourself.”

He further added: “You kill yourself, just don’t say it.” 



By Robert

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