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Ciaran Flood

Ciaran Flood will be discussed. We will tell you how he viciously attacked a Garda officer and endangered his life and that of two children had he not been arrested.

Ciaran Flood is reported to have involved in that ruthless attack in a drunk mode.He was involved in a 25 minutes struggle with the officer. He is said to have repeatedly  punched the officer at several places including his elbow, and even bit and spat on him.

Ciaran Flood is a 30 year old man and his struggle with the Garda started after he  “kicked in a garden gate and broke into a house in Enniscrone after drinking cider”.

The officer told the court that suspect “acting violently towards Wims, making gestures that he was going to assault him”.
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Ciaran Flood  is said to have hopped a wall into a terraced housing and down an alleyway.
Having entered the house,the suspect within a minute created a scene which made a woman come out screaming from one of the houses saying a man had broken into her home through a patio door and he was “going crazy.”
The officer who was a distance away had to intervene alone “because of what he feared was the immediate risk to life”.
The officer reportedly went into the home where he met two young children who were terrified  and were sitting on the couch of the living room “while a man and two other women were also in the house”.
The officer asked him to leave the house, But Ciaran Flood refused and pounced on the officer.
He bit his thumb taking the skin out of it.
Ciaran Flood

The Garda was able to overpowered the suspect after 25 minutes.

He was arrested even before the back-up arrived.

The brave officer who saved the situation and arrested the suspect is Ray Wims.

Ciaran Flood attacked Ray Wims


By Robert

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