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We will look at Carmen Canovas Cervello, the lady who has been left with wounds as deep as six inch on her back after a shark attack.

Who is Carmen Canovas Cervello?

Carmen Canovas Cervello

She is a 30 year old woman.  She is a nurse by profession and went for swim a when this rare attack happened.

The 30 year old went to swim in “the turquoise waters of the Maldives”.

She was swimming with her pal who is underwater photographer by name  Ibrahim Shafeeg.

They pair were said to filming their underwater venture at the time.

How did Carmen Canovas Cervelloshark attack happened?

She was swimming at the place called shark bay with her friend. She was swimming with ten nurse sharks.

Carmen Canovas Cervello swam with them for about 45 minutes before one of them decided to attack her.

The unfortunate incident was recorded live by her underwater photographer. They had to get out of the water and examine what happened to her.

Carmen Canovas Cervello
Wounds left by the shark at her bank. Image Sources: TheSun

Their examination revealed that the injuries were not life threatening. She decided to go back into the water to continue with what she was doing.

She even did this for a number of days without going to hospital.

The sharks wounds were said to have healed by themselves.

Watch the video of the attack here.

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Carmen Canovas Cervello

Ibrahim, who is the photographer who was filming the event said:

“We were in the shark bay at Vaavu Atoll diving with nurse sharks.

“We decided to do a free dive trip to shark bay and snorkel inside a group of sharks there.

“There were around ten nurse sharks, from 198-pounds to 220-pounds and over three-metres wide.

“After the shark bite, we thought nothing major about it as it was only a minor injury so we cleaned the wound and continued snorkeling at the same spot again.”

Carmen Canovas Cervello,

By Robert

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