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Meet Britt Ahart of The Cast Of Alone On History Chanel

We will look at Britt Ahart in this article. We will supply you with everything you need to know about him.

Meet Britt Ahart of The Cast Of Alone On History Chanel

Britt Ahart who was  born in 1976 and grew up in Virginia is a contestant on the reality television show. The show “Alone” takes contestants a test to determine their ability to survive in the wild or wilderness. Contestants are to fight their survival in the wild while at the same time taking the needed safety precautions.

Britt Ahart is a person you can say was built for this experience.

He has always desired this as he  felt a strong desire to be in the wilderness. Britt spent many  years in the Boy Scouts and he did this  with many camping trips and hikes.

This sort of helped built his stamina and excessive desire for the wilderness.

Britt Ahart moved to a rural farms in a forest in Ohio from his base in Virginia and started a family there.

Britt studied bushcraft and primitive living and seems to be enjoying life with it.

Britt had graduated from Crestwood and  worked as a school bus driver for Crestwood Transportation. He is said to  like spending time with his wonderful wife and son who also shares his love of the outdoors.

Britt Ahart at History Channel survival series “ALONE”.

Britt Ahart, who is a former accountant is  back in the fifth season of History’s survival series Alone.

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The returnee  made it to the last three competitors of the season five.He had it tough in season three, where he had to battle nature, but now  he is back in season five to continue from where he could not reach. Contestants are given  ten objects  in the series to help them with the challenge.

Meet Britt Ahart of The Cast Of Alone On History Chanel


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