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Beth Howland

The article discusses Beth Howland, who was the second wife of actor Charles Kimbrough.

We will look at their careers, children and how she died.

Who was Beth Howland?

She was born on 28th May,1939 as Elizabeth Howland. She was an American actress, known for  her stage and television appearance.

Her popular role was when she starred as waitress Vera Gorman in the famous Alice sitcom.

Beth Howland was the one who started the role of Amy in the Broadway cast of “Stephen Sondheism’s company”.

She is even credited for introducing the song patter song of “Getting Married Today”.

Beth Howland was born in Massachusetts and is said to have left home at 16.

Her first role in Broadway was in 1959 in One Upon a Mattress. Her performances in that role saw her having other roles including that of “Darling of the Day”.

She was married to her first husband,Michael J.Pollard. She had a daughter with him.

Beth Howland divorced him in 1969 and later got married to Kimbrough in 2002.

She was still married to Kmbrough till her death.

How did Beth Howland die?

Howland, who starred in Company along with her late husband died in 2015.

She did not shared children with Kimbrough and left behind Kimbrough and her daughter after her death in 2015.

Beth Howland died from cancer of the lungs. She died on 31st December,2015.

Her request was that her death should not be announced to the media immediately. Her death was announced on 24th May,2016 to mark her 77th birthday.

Charles Kimbrough children.

The actor was married twice. His first marriage was with Mary Jane Wilson. We will talk about bout her shortly.

His second marriage was with fellow industry fellow. Her second marriage was with Beth Howland.

He was her second husband and she too was his second wife. She did not shared any child with Kimbrough.

She had a daughter with her first husband, one Michael J. Pollard.

John Kimbrough is the only surviving son of Charles Kimbrough.

It is John Kimbrough, who confirmed the death of his father to the New York Times.

We don’t know much about him. We equally don’t have detail about his mother or any other known sibling.

We know Charles Kimbrough had no child with his two wives. We cannot tell if John Kimbrough is a son, Charles Kimbrough had with other women or he adopted him.

Who was Charles Kimbrough?

He was born on 23rd May,1936. He was an American actor, who was famed for his role in Murphy Brown.

He performed the role of a straight face anchorman Jim Dial in that movie.

Charles Kimbrough was nominated  for Emmy award in 1990 as an “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series”.

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He career began in late 60s into the early 70s where he had great stage experience.

Charles Kimbrough appeared in the original version of the Broadway cast of sondheism in the Sunday in the Park with George.

Kimbrough also appeared in the production of the  off-Broadway comedy Sylvia  back in 1985.

The actor starred in as veteran news anchor, Jim Dial which was a CBS sitcom. He was part of the 247 episodes of the popular movie which had ten seasons.

Kimbrough career also saw him in the Roundabout Theater Company in 2012 as Broadway revived  play,Harvey.

What is Charles Kimbrough cause of death?

Who is Mary Jane Wilson?

She is the first wife of actor Charles Kimbrough. They got married in 1961.

They happy marriage sadly ended in 1991, after almost 30 years of marriage.

Other sources say, the dated for two years, before deciding to get married.  They however got married on 30th December,1961, after getting together in 1959.

Mary Jane Wilson and Kimbrough marriage came to an end in 1970, according to report.

Mary Jane Wilson is said to have being part of the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre.

She did this along with her husband, Kimbrough.

Mary Jane Wilson and her ex-husband starred in plays like “George Feydeau’s  Cat Among the Pigeons and Jules Feiffer,s  The White House Murder case”.


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