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Ben Westwood and Joseph Corré

Ben Westwood and Joseph Corré will be our focus in this article. We will look at their careers, parents and many more about them.

Meet Ben Westwood and Joseph Corre.

They are the only children of British popular fashion designer, Dame Vivienne Westwood.

Ben Westwood and Joseph Corré are children from different fathers. Ben Westwood, who is her first child is one she had with her first husband.

Who is Ben Westwood?

Ben Westwood father’s name is Derek Westwood. We will read more about him later.

Ben Westwood was born in 1963.He is referred to as the Prodigal son. He used to work as an erotic photographer, taking after his father.

Ben Westwood is switching career and is doing so in line with his family business,fashion.

He debuted his first collection which he called ” A Child of Jago” , but which was outdoor-ed as as “outdoor woodsman, Red Indian, cowboy”.

Ben, a former photographer explains the reasons for choosing that name.

“My inspiration is tribal culture, Red Indians and pirates. We had a lot of that in our childhood. My mother always liked films about Red Indians.”

Who is Joseph Corre?

Joseph Corre is the second son of Dame Vivienne Westwood. He is the son she had with Malcolm McLaren, her former boyfriend and business partner.

Joseph Corre who was born on 30th November,1967 is a British businessman and an activist.

He was born as Joseph Ferdinand Corré .

Joseph Corre is a co- founder of British lingerie retailer  by name Agent Provocateur.

He co-founded it along with his business partner and ex-wife Serena Rees.

The company is a huge one with outlets in 13 other countries.

Who was Dame Vivienne Westwood? Ben Westwood and Joseph Corré mum.

She was born in Tintwistle which is in Cheshire in England. But who is she?

She was born as Dame Vivienne Isabel Westwood. She was a British fashion designer as well as businesswoman.

Dame Vivienne was born on 8th April,1941. She is famed and credited for introducing punk and new wave fashion into the mainstream fashion.

Dame Vivienne earned the most excellent British Order which is a recognition of achievements in the Arts and science, and other contribution.

She came into the limelight when she made clothes for a boutique that she ran along with Malcolm McLaren.

The boutique which was located in King’s Road was known as SEX. This team work between Dame Vivienne and McLaren which which was a blend of music and clothing had a huge impact to McLaren band which is the Sex Pistols.

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Dame Vivienne business side saw her opening a chain of shops in London. Her businesses expanded rapidly and went to other parts ob Britain and the world at large.

Dame Vivienne shops sells a varied range of goods. Her goods had promoted  campaigns in the area of Civil rights, Climate change and nuclear Disarmament.

Ben Westwood and Joseph Corré are currently mourning the death of their mother,who died on 29th December,2022 at 81.

Who is Derek Westwood? Ben West wood father

He is the first love for British famous fashion designer Dame Vivienne.

Derek Westwood was a photographer. He was a photographer for Erotica.

Erotica refers to a literature or an art that that deals with the issue of erotic, sexually simulations.

We don’t have the details of how the two met.

Derek  Westwood had one  kid with Dame Vivienne.  His child with Dame Vivienne is their son Ben Westwood.

Derek Westwood son, Ben was born in 1963. They got married in 1962 and their marriage was 4 year one.

Their marriage ended in 1965 through a divorce. It is not clear what  made Dame Vivienne  to keep Derek’s surname.


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