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Meet Adam Montgomery? Father of Harmony Montgomery who is now accused of killing her in the famous Harmony Montgomery murder

Adam Montgomery will be hugely discussed in this article. We will give you the details as why he is now being charged for his daughter murder.

Who is Adam Montgomery?

He is the father of five year old Harmony Montgomery who went missing on 7Th December,2019.

Adam is said to be a career criminal as well as a drug addict.

This was revealed by Harmony step mother, Kayla Montgomery.

But how did Adam Montgomery do this and was not arrested till now?

This has been the question, many will be asking over the turn of events now.

Adam is said to have pummeled Harmony’s head with his closed fist.

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He was jailed in January for charges of child abuse.

He is being charged with second degree murder, abuse of corpse, falsifying evidence as well as witness tampering.

His wife Kayla Montgomery spoke about how her husband  “had encouraged her on multiple occasions to lie to police about Harmony’s whereabouts, basically giving Kayla a “cover story” and telling her that as long as she stuck to the cover story everything would be OK.”

Who is Kayla Montgomery:Adam Montgomery’s wife?

She is a 31 year old step mother of Harmony Montgomery.

The 31 year old was arrested in Manchester and is facing charges relating to Harmony’s disappearance.

She is also being charged for lying to the Jury(grand) and even collecting welfare payment. Kayla collected welfare payment  on Harmony’s behalf after her disappearance.


Kayla Montgomery, 31, was arrested in Manchester, N.H., for allegedly lying to a grand jury.

What are the facts in Harmony Montgomery case?

Harmony case started when her mother by name Crystal Sorey handed custody rights of her daughter to her  father.
She reported to the police of her daughters disappearance after spending over two years without seeing her.
She also tried, but failed to contact Harmony’s father.
The police spoke to many people, but they did not mention ever seeing her.
This prompted the police to shift their investigation from missing to that of Homicide.
It was the shift in investigation that brought out all these information and the subsequent new charge that has been labelled on Harmony’s father.



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