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Mathematics:How to succeed in a subject that many have failed. Do you want to know?then read on.

Mathematics have given students nightmares across all educational levels. From primary school to college, many have struggled in mathematics and millions are still grappling with the subject. However, it is an integral part of the educational curriculum. It is a core subject at the lower level of educational curriculum and plays a crucial role in every sector of employment you may find your self.

Why do students struggle in passing mathematics?

The factors affecting the low performance of students in mathematics are varied, but few seem to cut across and are familiar to many.

Inadequate practice.

Mathematics is a hands-on subject, meaning constant practice is required. Many students do not practice enough on their own. Those who do, merely read with their eyes without solving the questions out. What may appear familiar when you read, will not be that familiar when you try working it out on your own without referring to the solution (answers). You will often hear, i understand it when the teacher is teaching and finds it difficult to relate after class.

The solution most often comes without guided explanation, unlike other reading subjects. If you copy your math note, and you don’t revise them for some time, you will often realize that the solution appear strange to you. If on the other, you go over your notes once in while, you will find them familiar and exciting.

Making little efforts with the excuse that I am not good in math.

Most students do not just work hard because to them, they are not math kind of people. Only very few students excel in maths with less effort in what we may call genetics advantage. Those who are mostly good in math, give more time to the subject and those who are not good in it give less time there by giving an advantage to those who desired to do well in the subject. Most of these students who say they are not good in math, have bad attitude towards mathematics lessons by not paying much attention during class. They easily give up during self-practice and are less likely to ask questions in class or seek assistance from colleagues in areas bothering them.

Inappropriate method of teaching

Many are students are turned off from the subject following the teachers style/method of teaching. If a method of teaching does not help the student to understand, he/she will entertain fear in the subject, and will often lose interest in the subject. They will see the subject as difficult and scary and will often tend to ignore getting involve in activities that will foster understanding.

Mathematics must not be presented in abstract form, it should rather be done practically using materials that the learner can relate so well with. This make students calm and assure them that the subjects entails everything they do in their daily lives.

How does one learn math easily?

Following from the above analysis that look at what makes others fail maths, we will now look at what to do to help you excel in mathematics.

Learning the right formulas

Formulas play a vital role in your success in mathematics. Stating a wrong formula in a math exams is not desirable as you will lose vital marks. Formulas by themselves do not attract marks, but if you apply them well, you will earn vital marks.

Constant practice

Practice they always say makes perfect, and you will be a good friend of math, if you constantly practice. You do this by copying the question on a sheet of paper or a book and solving it out and finally compares your answer with the solution that comes with the question. Where you have challenges, do not hesitate to ask assistance from colleagues or your teachers. With, the advert of the internet, most students will prefer to watch solutions from YouTube. It is not bad to do that, but it is surely not enough. You will have to try the questions out on your own.

By Robert

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