Huge crowd from the Tallaght community and beyond gather at the St. Aidan’s church as the three white coffins were brought by horse drawn carriages.
Margaret Cash McDonagh tribute at her children's funeral.
The children, many say were remembered for kind-hearted nature. Their death shocked the whole community thus, bringing many to their funeral.



Margaret Cash McDonagh tribute at her children's funeral.

Local parish priest Fr Bill O’Shaughnessy and Fr O’Driscoll  tried  in their sermon to give comfort to the bereaved  family and wider community  urging people to pray for the family especially  the children’s mum.

Tribute from Lisa Cash Friends.

Another tribute was from a friend of Lisa. She said the group will struggle without her presence, adding that she was someone who was  dedicated to looking after her younger siblings.

The coffins of Lisa Cash, 18, and her eight-year-old twin siblings, Christy and Chelsea Cawley, are carried from St Aidan's Church, Brookfield, Tallaght, following their funeral service.

She said: “I will never forget you. My heart is completely shattered. You were my best friend. You were the mammy of the group. How are we meant to do this without you? You had so many plans for your future. A piece of my heart is completely broken. There were your whole life. You were always there for them and when you weren’t there you were talking about them.”