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Margaret Cash McDonagh in a state of denial:keepssaying "please get my kids back"

Margaret Cash McDonagh in a state of denial

Margaret Cash McDonagh,the distraught mother of the three children killed in Tallaght seems to be in a state of denial.

A close family member revealed to the Irish Mirror that the she keeps saying “please get my kids back”.

Margaret Cash McDonagh lost three of her children in a tragic blood bath on Saturday.

Eight old twins Christy and Chelsea Cawley and their older sister Lisa Cash, 18, were killed during a horrific incident at their home.

Ned Collins is reported to have stated how Margaret Cash, the devastated mother is still in a state of denial over the most unfortunate tragedy.

Ned Collins said: “We’re numb. We’re very numb. I dropped down to the house this morning and the mother and the family are there and they’re not able to speak.

“The mother is just telling us ‘please go and get my kids, go get my kids’.

“She’s in denial. And of course she’s in denial. She’s just holding a photograph of her kids in her hands and just praying and saying ‘please get my kids back, get my kids back’.”

Mr. Ned Collins wife is a cousin to Margaret McDonagh and say he has been close to the family and is a friend to them for over 26 years.

He added that he is also the Godfather to an older sibling of the three children who died on Saturday.

Collins talks about how difficult it has been for the family and that they are struggling to cope with the loss of the children.

He continued: “It’s very rough now I have to say. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

“My wife and the mother of the kids are cousins. They are also best friends.

“We’ve been close friends for the last 26 years. I still consider myself to be family. We might not be blood related but I’m family.

“It’s just a black cloud over Dublin, over the world at the moment. You don’t hear about that in this country.

“We’re just trying to cope now, be strong and do everything we can for the family.

“Everyone is just pulling together on this one.”

Margaret Cash McDonagh in a state of denial:saying "please get my kids back"

Lisa Cash’s 14 year old brother who escaped the attack discharged from the hospital

Ned Collins also continue that  another of the children’s siblings has returned from abroad and the 14-year-old brother, who was injured during the incident on Sunday, has now left hospital.

He said: “The daughter was over in Australia but she’s home now and the young lad that jumped out the window, he’s out of hospital now.

“He fractured his leg or something like that. He’s a lucky little boy to be alive himself.”

He said the 14-year-old has been struggling to come to terms with the loss
of his sisters and brother.

Mr Collins added: “There’s no talk out of him. He’s not talking.

“There’s no words. There’s no answers to this one and there’s no winners here.”

Ned Collins is among those working to raise funds to help the family during this tragic time.

“He has placed a phone number up on his personal Facebook page, which he says anyone can use to send money through the Revolut app.”

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