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man arrested for attemping to use dughter for money ritual

Is this the sign of the end time or people are too desperate for money?

A man has been arrested in Ghana after a herbalist exposed him for attempting to use  his daughter for rituals.

This incident have been captured on video by the supposed spiritualist the man was hoping to help him achieve his dream of killing his daughter for money.

In the Video, the spiritualist, one Nana Adu-Boafo Jnr  gave an account of how the man, Evans Oppong brought his daughter to him with the view of him(the spiritualist)  killing the girl for  rituals.

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Money rituals
He is the one with the white cloth around his waist

Man arrested for attempting to use daughter for money rituals:

The details of the story.

The spirituals explained that the man ( Evans Oppong) said he had just returned from abroad and  that things were not just good for him in Ghana.

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The suspect further explained that he has 12 children and wants to use two of them for rituals. He said he brought the child from the school.

He promised to give the spiritualist GHS10,000.00 and other good surprises if the ritual killing go according to plan.
This is what the spiritualist have to say.

“I was crying within me because I have sympathy for humans and animals; I don’t kill people, sometimes I don’t even eat my own poultry because I grow so much love for them.

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“The sad thing is, he even picked the daughter from school during school hours with the intention of buying her a new dress. This man is a bad man with many evil intentions,” Nana Adu-Boafo Jnr wrote.

He thus reported the matter to the police who came and arrested the man. The little girl was taken to the mother who was also brought to the scene.

There was social media post recently when some one listed the first ten billionaires in the world and none came from Africa. He then asked, where the ritual killers and the yahoo boys were and concluded that it does not take human life to make money.

We must make this education go well in our various communities and towns that it DOES NOT take human sacrifice to be rich.

The government and all regulated bodies must also do something about the operations of spirituals and money “doublers”on our televisions.

By Robert

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