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Lisa Cash brother who survived the attack by jumping via a window has fractured his leg.

The article looks at the 14 year old brother of  Lisa Cash in the Tallaght tragedy. We will examined the extent of his injuries and determine whether, he is still in the hospital or has has been discharged.

Who is this boy who survived Andy Cash stab to kill attack?

The name of the boy is unknown, but his is 14 years old.

It is not clear if he is the son of Andy Cash( Lisa and Andy Cash’s father) or Bill Cawley (father of the slain eight old twins).

He is said to be the hero in the whole attack.

He was left with no choice, but to die and he chose not to.

The 14 year old boy jumped out through an up stairs window.

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He then alerted neighbours of the blood bath that had taken place in their home.

This led to the police being involved  and subsequent arrest of his 24 year old brother.

Lisa cash 14 year old brother, fractured his leg in that jump for life attempt.

A close friend to the family Ned Collins told the Iris Mirror that the 14 year old kid fractured his leg in that jump.

He also added that he is out of the hospital.  He further indicated that he is not talking and might have been traumatized by the killings that he witnessed.

Ned Collins’s  whose wife is a cousin to Margaret Cash McDonagh, told the Mirror:

“the young lad that jumped out the window, he’s out of hospital now.

“He fractured his leg or something like that. He’s a lucky little boy to be alive himself.”

He said the 14-year-old has been struggling to come to terms with the loss
of his sisters and brother.

Mr Collins added: “There’s no talk out of him. He’s not talking.

“There’s no words. There’s no answers to this one and there’s no winners here.”

By Robert

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