Margaret Cash McDonagh, their heartbroken mother Margaret was in the congregation. She came along  with the three late kids  older sister Margaret, and brother Mikey.

This second pictures shows when the victim’s mother  was being given support as she  walked back to the car.

She was stopped at the scene as the bodies were taken away. 


Lisa Cash and her siblings funeral in pictures.

Fr O’Driscoll and local parish priest Fr Bill O’Shaughnessy  who led the service tried their best to give comfort to the family and the wider community.

They asked for prayer support for the  family especially the children’s mum.

The third pictures shows when the when the cortege went past Rossfield Avenue.This was where the family lived and the attacked happened and the moved with a “wide range of speedy cars and motorbikes following the children towards their final resting place”.

Lisa Cash and her siblings funeral in pictures.


One other thing to note is that a Lightning McQueen car was brought to the funeral. It was  a tribute to one of the twins: Christy who had great love for cars.

An  friend of Lisa  also said the group don’t know how they will progress without her.

They described how she was dedicated in taking care and  looking after her younger siblings.

The coffins of Lisa Cash, 18, and her eight-year-old twin siblings, Christy and Chelsea Cawley, are carried from St Aidan's Church, Brookfield, Tallaght, following their funeral service.
Images credits: Irish Mirror.