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Know all about the Hayya Card. A key requirement for the 2022 World Cup.

The article looks at the Hayya Card. A key requirement for all those going for the 2022 FIFA World  Cup in Qatar.

What is the Hayya Card?

The official portal for the Hayya Card ( )defines the Hayya card  as” a smart technology that SC will provide to each Applicant whose Application is successful and which, in combination with a valid Match Ticket, will permit the Applicant to access a Stadium to watch a Match and which may also provide other Hayya Services”.

It must be noted that the Hayya Card which is also know as the Fan ID is a personalized document that will be issued  and will be required by each and every person who will be attending any of the FIFA World Cup games in Qatar.

It must also be noted that one needs both the Hayya Card(Fan ID) and an applicable match ticket to access the stadium on any match day.

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You need only one Hayya card for your entire duration of the FIFA World Cup Qatar,2022.

The Hayya Card applies to both local and international fans alike.

It is  your entry permit to the State of Qatar and one of the requirement for you to access stadium to watch of play games.

You can apply for your digital Hayya Card  and to even book accommodations, you can visit  or simply  download  the Hayya to Qatar 2022 app.

FIFA issued a disclaimer on their website that the Hayya Card is operated by the government of the State of Qatar and that FIFA is not responsible  for its application process.

What are the terms of the Hayya Card ?

The terms of the Hayya card include the following. Fans are entreated to read them before applying for the Hayya card.

Read them, as they appear on the official Hayya card website[](un-edited)

    1. These Terms set out the process by which an Application for a Hayya Card may be made, the basis upon which SC will issue a Hayya Card, and the terms for use of the Hayya Card by a successful Applicant.
    2. Before applying for a Hayya Card you should ensure that you have read and understood these Terms.
    3. By using or otherwise accessing the Hayya Services, or clicking to accept or agree to these Terms where that option is made available, you:
      1. accept and agree to these Terms and any additional policies which relate to the Hayya Services;
      2. consent to the collection, use, disclosure and other handling of information as described in our Privacy Policy; and
      3. agree to any additional terms, rules and conditions issued by SC from time to time in relation to the use of a Hayya Card.

The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy states that they have the right to modify the terms at any time and that any updated version of it will be posted on the Hayya portal.

What are the purpose of the Hayya Card?

The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy States the following as being the purpose of the Hayya Card.

The Hayya card will served as a means of identification for all tickets -holders during the tournament. They added that  it will also provide holders with a number of services which is aimed at helping to enhance their experience wile in the Gulf state.

You also need the Hayya Card and your ticket to access the stadium as indicated earlier. They noted that having a valid ticket is one of the requirements for applying for the Card.

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They Supreme Committee for delivery and legacy further indicated that the Match tickets are exclusively operated and governed by FIFA and the Hayya card is also supposed to provide you access to the Hayya services.

They added that some of the Hayya services are provided by third parties and you will be expected to accept the terms of those third parties as well.

The Hayya services includes the following.

The Hayya Card, the Supreme Committee on delivery and Legacy said will permit you free travel on Qatar’s public transport systems.

This free travel will be from 10 November to 23 December 2022.

Is the Hayya Card free?

The Hayya card, just like a match ticket cannot be free. You will be required to pay for it and it will allow you free travel on all public transportation service in Qatar during the time of the World Cup.

What are the requirements for the Hayya card?

The following are some of the requirements for the Hayya Card.

  1. You must have a valid Match ticket or Match ticket application number, before staring the Hayya Card application.
  2. You must be 18 years or above  or you are a parent or guardian of the Applicant.
  3. You can apply on behalf of others,but must obtained their consent to provide their information on their behalf.
  4. You must a citizen of Qatar or you will ensure to obtain a valid Visa before arriving in Qatar
  5. You must comply with the terms of your visa during your stay in Qatar.
  6. You must abide by the laws operating and governing Qatar.
  7. You will not be given the Hayya Card if the Committee  does authorize  your application.

You must equally note the following.

a.You are required  to open a Hayya account before you can apply or log into Hayya using

b. Your information should be current and complete. If your information is not current, incomplete or inaccurate, then your application may be deny, cancel or terminated.

c. You must also agree that the sole and specific purpose of applying for the Hayya card should be to access stadium to watch a a match, a reason which you must also hold a match ticket.

Aside the matches the Hayya card should be used for the other Hayya services.

The Supreme committee of Delivery and legacy said they are entitled to suspend, limit or terminate your Hayya Card if the determine that you are misusing the Hayya Card or the Hayya Services.

The added that in such occasions, they will also report you to the relevant authorities.


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