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Jonathan Woodside was the one who used his car smashed other cars and a horse box in Fermoy

Jonathan Woodside will be our focus. The man in his 20s was arrested yesterday after using his car to smashed other cars in Fermoy.

The young man was arrested later when he first sped off after seeing gardai at the scene.

But who is Jonathan Woodside?

He is a 21 year old man of Killally West, Kilworth in Co Cork.

He is a College student who also doubles as a part time worker.

He has been charged with road traffic and criminal offenses.

He damaged two cars most of which were parked at the time.

He also damaged a garda car, after leaving two individuals injured.

Jonathan Woodside appeared in a Mallow District court today.

Woodside is said to have taken his father’s car unlawfully. He also failed to remain at the scene of the collision.

Jonathan Woodside was faced with several charges.

Gardai told the Judge John Keane that Jonathan was arrested  on the Dublin Road in Fermoy at 3.55pm on September 24.

His other charges included driving without a license and failing to give officers his name after he was requested to do so.

The 21 year old was also charged for possessing a flick knife.

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His offenses were witnessed by many people and there are also dashcan footage to prove what the young did on that fateful day.

Mr Woodside is said to have destroyed a horse box as well as collided with an elderly woman’s car.

Detective O’Shea said he had to park on the shoulders of the road in order not to collide with Jonathan Woodside’s car.

This was even after he had his blue-lights and siren on, the young man ignored all and was driving toward him.

He was refused bail due to the severity of the case and is to reappear next week Monday via video link.

The judge also ordered that Woodside undergo  psychiatric assessment in prison.

By Robert

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