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Is Fergal Doherty married?Fergal Doherty: from a champion on the field to an inmate in jail.

Fergal Doherty topped headlines over his  charge of man slaughter. We will explore more about him.
We will look at his marital status, his success on the field and his journey to his possibility of being incarcerated.

Who is Fergal Doherty?

Fergal Doherty is a former footballer with the Gaelic.

The player who was born on 7th October,1981 and stands at 6feet tall, also played for the Derry county team.

He is a celebrated player who has been nominated as many as four times to the All Star, but unfortunately missed the opportunity to grabbing the award.

He won the the famous Derry Senior Football Championship on two occassions  with the Bellaghy Wolfe Tones.

He equally won the Ulster Senior Club Football Championship in year 2000.

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The mildfielder is credited with skills such as winning breaking ball, reading every  game and plunging gaps  during games.

He has been described by Paddy Heaney as: “The Bellaghy man does not seek headlines, just victories”.

His tactical ability was for both at the club and county level.

Is Fergal Doherty married?

It is the question, many have asked about the player. There seem to be little information about his marriage and dating life.

The 41 year old is not married and seemed to have hided much of his love life out of the public domain.

Just like, Journalist Paddy Heaney, puts it, Doherty was just interested in victories on the field and not unneccesary gossips about his married life.

We don’t equally have information about the children, he allegedly fathered.

Fergal Doherty: from a champion on the field to an inmate in jail.

The former Derry captain woes started on 3rd November,2022. He was charged with manslaughter of one Aaron Law.

Aaron Law was discovered to be non-responsive on the main street of the Portglenone in latter part of this year, specifically on 30th October,2022.

Aaron Law, who has been described as the father of two later died in Hospital that day.

What made Fergal Doherty  guilty to the crime of Aaron Law’s death?

The former midfielder who is nicknamed Ferbie appeared at the Ballymean Magistrates court on 3rd November,2022.

The facts of the case as presented in court was that late Aaron Law visited Pat’s Bar.

This bar is owned by Doherty and he was escorted out of the bar.

There were about 20-30 people in the bar on the day which was a Saturday night.  The patrons drank their way into the Sunday morning with a stag party.

When police questioned Doherty and his staff especially those at the door of the bar,  about the assault on Aaron Law, he reportedly denied it.

He was later arrested on that day and he now had to give an account on th events of the night.

Doherty is said to have been part of his door staff that escorted late Aaron Law out of his bar.

He said there was a “verbal altercation”  involving Mr. Law.

The police officer who gave an account in court continued that:

“This was in the middle of the road, Mr Law attempted to hit Mr Doherty and Mr Doherty reacted by punching Mr Law to the face causing Mr Law to fall back on to his head and his head connecting with the road.”

The officer continued that Mr. Law was left on the middle of the road and other road users had to apply their breaks after seeing him on the road.

A witness in court said, late Mr. Law had to lie on the road for over 10 minutes, before Doherty and his team came and reposition him from the road.

When Doherty was arrested after Mr. Law died, he then gave a full account of what actually happened and his statement was confirmed by other witnesses.

Doherty’s attorney, Barrister Joe Brolly told the court that it was Mr. Law who first gave Dioherty a punch and he responded.

He added that, when Doherty saw that his injuries were serious, he even called Aaron Law’s in-law and informed them that, he was the one who punched him and that he was even willingly to turn hinself over to the police.

Doherty’s attorney said:

“Aaron Law threw a punch at him, and he threw one punch back at him and Mr Law fell back and hit his head.”

The attorney further added that, Doherty even drove to Mr. Law’s parents to inform them of what happened in the night and that he was going to tend himself to the police.

He added that Doherty has “shown terrible grief and remorse”.

The attorney went ahead to state that Doherty is an honerable man and that he has a roofing company that is even involved in the renovationworks at the Belfast stadium.

He adde this about Doherty: “He has a clear record, he has never been in any trouble with the police.”

“Mr Doherty wept in the course of the interview … he had attempted to retreat at the time of the incident itself. It is a terrible, terrible tragedy,” he hinted.

“Mr Doherty wants to offer his great sympathies to the family. He will no longer be taking any involvement with the pub, and the pub will remain closed now as it has done since the incident.

“In all the circumstances in this case, it is as obvious a case of self-defence as I’ve come across in 30 years of practising as a defence criminal lawyer.”

Fergal Doherty to reappear on December 1, as his lawyer hints of an appeal.

Fergal Doherty who had two club titles, two with Derry and one with Ulster is to reappear on 1st December,2022.

He was denied bail and his lawyer hinted that they will be appealing the decision of the case in a higher court.

The bar at the center of the whole issue has been closed. Doherty attorney said, the place will remained closed and that Doherty has been  remorseful in events leading to Aaron Law’s death.



By Robert

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