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Is the dreaded Dumsor back?

Is Dumsor Back?

The residents of Bolgatanga are crying over the erratic power outages that are becoming rampant lately.

For the past two weeks, residents of Bolgatanga have been experiencing intermittent power outages, especially in the evenings. It has become so common that the residents are now accustomed to it as they put off their gadgets in anticipation of the lights going off. It has damaged most people’s gadgets. During the day, the lights can go off severely, and this is affecting the daily activities of people who depend on lights.

Is the dreaded Dumsor back?

It is not clear what might have caused this latest intermittent power outage.

With the utility companies now requesting for review of the prices. It is clear the situation may persist. Some are speculating that the rains have destroyed some poles which might have caused the problem.

Is the dreaded Dumsor back?

Dumsor: History

Ghana has been ravage by intermittent and unannounced power outages know in local parlance as Dumsor.

There were demostrations over the issue which were spearheaded by celebrities and politicians. The previous government under whose regime the issue erupted has indicated that the ended dumsor, before handing over power. The current NPP government have indicated time and again that what Ghanaian experienced will never happened again

Since then, there have been instance when Ghanaians slept in darkness. The current government indicated at the time, that those could not be equated to be dumsor but temporal problems.The people of Bolgatanga are asking if the current intermittent outages are one of those temporal problems, or if they should brace themselves for Dumsor.

By Robert

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